Executive Director Evaluation

Executive Director Evaluation

It is too easy to evaluate your executive director by using this evaluation form. Express your level of satisfaction in 5 different levels to all the questions presented in the CEO evaluation form. Also, you can leave the final comments on your evaluation on the last page. Form Preview
  • Executive Director Evaluation, From the National Center for Nonprofit Boards

  • How to Complete this Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is designed to help you, your board colleagues, and the chief executive assess the chief executive's performance. This questionnaire contains 50 questions.  To encourage candor, the questionnaire does not ask for your name. Your confidential responses, along with the responses of your colleagues, will be summarized and shared with the chief executive at a meeting with the board chair, who also chairs the NESEA Compensation Committee.

    Each section begins with a brief description of an important area of resonsibility.  Please read it and then answer the questions that follow.  The questions measure your level of satisfaction with how the chief executive is carrying out various aspects of each responsibility.  Check off the number representing the degree to which you are satisfied or not satisfied with the chief executive's performance in each responisibility mentioned. The answer you mark can range on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 representing 'Very Dissatisfied' and 4 representing 'Very Satisfied'.

    1- Very Dissatisfied

    2- Dissatisfied

    3- Satisfied

    4- Very Satisfied

    You also have the option of answering 'Not Sure.' If you think a particular question is not applicable, feel free to skip it.

    At the conclusion of the assessment are a number of open-ended questions.  Please take the time to answer these questions, since your responses will be especially helpful when the board and chief executive look for ways to strengthen the executive's performance and the organization as a whole.

    Note: This quiestionnaire was adapted from the National Center for Nonprofit boards.                                  

  • Evaluation Completion Tracking Notice:

    In order to keep track of who has completed this evaluation, it will be necessary for each person to enter their name at the beginning of the evaluation.  As previously mentioned this evaluation is confidential.  Although the two preceeding sentences seem contradictory, rest assured, this evaluation will remain confidential.

    Upon completion of this evaluation an email notification will be sent out.  This email notification will contain only the name of the evaluator.  All other responses to questions in this evaluation will be omitted from the email.

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