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Sports Forms

Looking to start a youth league, sports camp or fitness class, JotForm has the sports forms for you. Take the hassle out of athlete or sporter registration and sponsorships with an online sports form. You can use them for any sports from basketball and football to golf and tennis registrations. Get started with one of our sports form templates and customize it to your liking in our form builder.

Our forms sports forms are design for mobile, so you can collect signups from users at home or on their mobile devices. Additionally, for users who handle sensitive medical information, JotForm's sports forms are also HIPAA compliant.

Try one of our free online sports form templates today!

Fitness Gym Registration Form

Sports Forms

Customize this online fitness gym registration form and embed it on your gym’s website to enroll new members instantly. Once integrated with a payment gateway, your fitness gym registration form will accept membership fee payments online.

Basketball League Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

Are you searching for new members for the basketball league? You can get the players enrolling with this basketball player registration form template. Basketball team registration form includes athlete information, emergency contact&health insurance information, parental permission for emergency treatment and release of liability.

Football Registration Form

Summer Camps

Registrations are the lifeblood of any sports competition, whether it be a camp or playing in a league, you need players to play. That is where our football registration form comes in, making it simple and quick for you to capture registrations and all relevant information. Use this football registration template to collect contact information, what position they play and their health information. Making it easier for you to determine how many players you have and determining the number of coaches or equipment you will need. Make your football registration form template stand out to potential players by using JotForm's collection of widgets, apps, and themes. Additionally, you can use football registration form sample as a starting point and customize to fit your needs.

Sport's Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

This sports registration form is used for paperless registration. This sports registration form template allows collecting the basic information of athletes, areas of expertise and availability and athletes' parents' contact information.

Soccer Camp Registration Form

Summer Camps

This soccer camp registration form template is for institutions offering summer camps related to sports such as football. Use this soccer camp registration form template to let parents register their kids to join the summer camp and help the kids enhance their physical and creative growth through soccer. This sports camp registration form would ask parents to provide their kid's information including their contact details for emergency purposes. This summer camp registration form also asks parent's approval for their child’s participation in any and all activities prepared by the institution.

Gym health questionnaire Form

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Do you need gym health questionnaire and searching for some gym questionnaire examples? Well, this is the simplest and easiest gym questionnaire template you can ever find. Let's check this out!

Gym Registration form

Sports Forms

Whether your enrolling new member or welcoming back regulars, you need a gym registration form that simplifies the signup process. Use this gym registration form template to learn and go beyond what it takes to meet your expectations with a complete transformation challenge! Use this gym registration template to collect contact information, health information and their gym goals. Customize this gym registration form sample to meet the needs of your gym by including themes, widgets or apps.

Adult Co-Ed Softball League Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

This template is used for participants of all skill levels to conveniently register and play softball with other adults. It's short but handy and gathers all the needed information to make this experience an enjoyable one.

Basketball Tryout Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

Have your students fill up this basketball tryout registration form to join the basketball tryout. It would save a lot of time by having them fill this basketball tryout form anytime, anywhere as long as they're connected to the internet. This basketball registration form template is pretty short and simple so it wouldn't take so much time to complete and submit their registration. If you're a basketball coach or a trainer, try this basketball tryout forms for your basketball event!

Personal Training Application Form

Sports Forms

By using this personal trainer job application form, you can collect your clients' information such as lifestyle information, medical and health information and the client's goals, for your personal training application.

Sports Registration Form.

Sports Registration Forms

Ever felt stuck looking for a baseball registration form template in word? Why settle for an offline document when online forms are available? If your school is hosting a tryout for potential baseball players, this baseball tryout registration form template would help. Right off the bat, the form's welcome page will show a disclaimer on how the program works. Like other registration forms, this will ask for the student's details, the positions they play (and prefer), their guardian's contact details, as well as the terms and consent release. Use this baseball registration form template as a starting point and customize it further based on your school's needs.

Baseball Fundraising Form

Donation Forms

Use this baseball sponsorship form template if you have a team of baseball players that are set to join an event to get donations from your fans, individual or business/corporate sponsors. This team sponsorship form template allows you to list down your sponsorship levels for donors to select and pay online and the ability to get their permission to include them on your sponsor banner during the event in return to their donation and if they wish to. This baseball fundraising letter will also allow your donors to specify the player that they are sponsoring. This baseball fundraising is for baseball sport, but can also be used on other sports like basketball.

Futsal Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

If you have futsal club and if you want to register new members you can use this futsal registration form. This futsal form sample includes name, birth date, parents' names, home phone, cell phone, address, email, years that is played futsal, medical history and comments, conditions. Also, this futsal form template asks some questions such as "Will you be willing to travel for tournaments?".

Basketball League Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

Do you need a form to register new members for a sport team? This form collects personal information, relevant medical information and includes a release of liability.

Sports Clinic Enrollment Form

Sports Forms

Enroll your child into sports

Golf Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

Are you good at playing golf? So, with this golf tournament registration form template, you can join the golf competition. Golf scramble sign up sheet template contains contact information and team selection.

Volunteer Form for Race Event

Application Forms

This is a volunteer form for a racing event where you can sign up to become a volunteer to help out

Baseball Registration Form

Sports Registration Forms

Playing baseball has never been this fun before! Here's a simple and useful form you can use as your registration form. It has basic information, my products, and payment sections.

Tournament Sign-Up Form

Sports Forms

Use this form to accept team and individual tournament players. Players will be able to enter their details and comments.

Basketball Tryout Form

Sports Forms

You can use this tryout form to let interested students register to your seasonal basketball tryouts at school. This tryout numbers template has fields for the athlete information, their parent/guardian, and emergency contact person and another section for you to provide your tryout program policies and terms. This kind of tryout forms can also be used as a waiver form template to let parents sign to confirm that they give consent to their child to join the tryout and selection process. A payment method which is set to redirect to a payment portal is also embedded in this sample waiver form for basketball template.

Daily Coaching Sheet

Education Forms

Keep track of lessons given by the coaches to the students.

Awana Registration Form

Membership Registration Forms

With this Awana registration form, the necessary information about the parents and children will be easily accessible and documented. In this Awana registration form template, the activity group in which the child is a part of can be selected and the remaining questions be tailored accordingly. The activity registration form also has the parental consent and medical release built inside. The form is as easy to use as an Awana registration form word document.

Swimming Competition enrollment

Contest Registration Forms

If you are organizing a marathon in your school, church or any other type of organization, this form is the right one for you!

Personal Trainer request form

Request Forms

Have potential clients submit their request for information on your personal training services.

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