Graphic Submission Form

Graphic Submission Form

Submission form that let you gather images from your customers, with agreement form in the first page. Form Preview
  • By requesting and using the graphic from STRAUSS you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

    Not claiming the graphics as yours by editing them or removing the credits.

    Comment on the foreword that you requested and also after you pick up.

    Subscribe and never unsubscribe. (upvote is optional)

    Credit the shop using the logo send by us.

    Keep the graphics for at least 2 weeks.

    Don't delete your story after you receive the request.

    Don't rush the team and don't bash at them.

    If you don't think that your finished request fullfilled your criterias feel free to PM the owner that you want a redo! Don't comment! Private Message!

    PM message the owner in 24 hours after you requested if you want to cancel it! If you don't, than the request will be send by our operator to the designers.Don't comment! Private Message!

    We are here to provide the best services based on your preferences in the shortest time. Respecting the rules, you are respecting us! If you are found to have violated these terms, you will be warned and added to the black-list.

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