High School Grad Night

High School Grad Night

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  • SLO High School Grad Night - Parent/Guardian and Student Contract

    For liability purposes, this form must be completed and signed by both students and parent(s) in order to attend the SLOHS Grad Night Event
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  • In the event of an emergency, please contact:
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    • Authorizes their son/daughter named above to attend the all-night Grad event.
    • Agrees to assume all risk for injuries or loss arising from their son/daughter’s participation in any activity sponsored at the Grad Night Event and to make no claim whatsoever against the sponsors of the event, its officers, agents or employees for injuries and/or loss.  Understands the sponsors provide no medical insurance and will not pay any expenses arising out of any injury and/or loss associated with this activity.  Authorizes, but does not require or expect, all reasonable first aid, medical and dental treatment, including hospitalization, and will unconditionally pay for any and all such care specified for his/her child.
    • Agrees that student will not carry into the event/party premises any materials which are illegal or which will affect another person’s enjoyment of the evening.
    • Understands that the student must be present to win door or raffle prizes.
    • Grants release rights without compensation to the event workers to publicly display student images (no names will be posted) that photographers have captured over the course of the evening for Facebook and in ads to promote an event such as this in the future.
    • Emails used for Alumni Events from the Black and Gold Alumni Booster Club.
    • Directs his/her child not to be engaged in the use of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances. Understands that students may be subject to a breathalyzer if behavior warrants. Parents will assume full responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from any use of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances by his/her child.
    • Understands that once the student enters the party area, the student may not leave unless he/she is released to the parent/guardian below.
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    Entering both Student and Parent name will act as authorized electronic signature

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  • Grad Night payments are handled through PayPal. You do NOT need a Paypal account in order to pay for Grad Night. On form submission, you will be directed to PayPal for payment processing. 

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