Hostess Order Form 2

Hostess Order Form 2

Lots and Lots of interesting reads to offer? Organize the offers online! Template useful for hostesses. Form Preview
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  • Free Books: Books you earned free with your party.

  • Half-Price Books: Books that you pay half the price for. For example, if you earned $100 worth of half-price books, you would pay $50.

  • Bonus Books: Books earned from your consultant, for booking your party and/or getting bookings at your party!

  • Retail Books: This category is if you would like to add any book at full retail value! This can boost your party or earn you customer specials at $40. If you purchase $40, please indicate if you would like the Customer Special.

  • Thank you so much for hosting an Usborne Books & More event with me! I love being your book lady! Your invoice will be sent soon & is due within 24 hours.

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