Painting Commission Form

Painting Commission Form

This painting commission form is ideal for collecting painting details in order to calculate the accurate painting cost based on the submitted art. Art commission form is known to be used for commissioning artists based on their work. Painting a commission is a very rewarding experience, so get it processed quickly through this art commission request form. The artists will be able to easily upload a digital copy of their art through this commission request form template. Form Preview
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  • Commission a painting

  • In order to provide you with an accurate costing for an original artwork, please complete this form with as much information as possible......

    Thank you


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    Colour Requirements

  • If you have recently deorated it may be useful to provide the brand and colour of wall paint used in order to blend the required artwork more accurately.

  • The following link may help in determining a particular colour and shade requirement.

    Sample Colour Chart

    If you see particular colours you would like to match to then please mention them, by colour name, in the additional comments box below.

    Please note

    This is a guide only as exact colour matching cannot be guaranteed.


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    If you require the painting for a particular room or setting, you could take photographs showing the decor and required position and upload it with this quotation request.

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