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Parent Survey/Coach Evaluation

Parent Survey/Coach Evaluation

How's the coach doing? Get the correct feedback with our form. Form Preview
  • Parent Survey/Coach Evaluation

    Sierra Soccer Club (SSC) is dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for children to have fun playing the game of soccer while learning age-appropriate skills. SSC focuses on the player growing as an individual and a team player. Our coaches play an integral part in your child's experience and development here at SSC. As a board, we would like your feedback so we can improve our programs. All responses and comments are 100% confidential. The information will be utilized to help build our team of coaches, to enhance your child's experience for next year and many years to come. This is a great time for you to offer any additional concerns or suggestions pertaining to fundraisers, pictures, coaches, and communications or any other concerns you may have. We appreciate your time and honesty in completing this survey. Thank you!
  • Tell us about you!

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  • Tell us about your coach!

  •   Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
    Obeyed the rules
    Showed respect to officials
    Treated all players with respect
    Treated opponents with respect
  •   Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
    Rewarded effort, not just results
    Helped players learn and improve
    Helped players bounce back from mistakes
  •   Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
    Used positive reinforcement
    Encouraged players to do their best
    Made the sport fun for my child
    Listened to players
  •   Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied
    Practices were organized and focused
    New practice exercises were implemented
    Practice exercises were age appropriate
    Displayed good knowledge of game and rules
    Assignment of playing time was balanced
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