RentSafe Connector, English

RentSafe Connector, English

RentSafe Connector Form Preview
  • Advance questionnaire for people participating in the RentSafe Connector exercise: Version 1.01
  • Section 1. Information about you:

  • Section 2. Information about the housing-relevant services your organization/department provides:

    8. For each type of housing condition, please check all of the services that your organization/department provides:

  • Section 3. Relevant contacts:

  • 10. If not, who from your organization would you recommend? Please provide:

  • 11. Are there other people in your organization whom it would be important to involve in a local/regional RentSafe Roundtable? (e.g., because they have different mandate, responsibilities or expertise than yours). If so, please provide names and contact information for up to 3 people:


  • 12. Are there people outside your organization whom you’d suggest that we invite to join the local/regional RentSafe Roundtable? If so, please provide

  • 12. Please provide the contacts via which the public can access your organization’s information and/or services:

  •  -
  • Should be Empty: