The Online Form: 2

The Online Form: 2

This form will create an organized structure for your website that can be followed easily and clearly. Form Preview
  • Welcome, this form will create an organized structure for your website that you and I can both follow easily and clearly. If you already have a website(s) include link(s) in the area below. In this form, include as much information as possible. We will edit, SEO and complete any and all content so it meets Power On Digital's standards for website and social media content. When you are finished, click submit and we will let you know when we receive your information. We will then start creating your website.

  • CONTACT PAGE: You most certainly want people to contact you to build relationships and transact business! Don’t write so much that it distracts them from the task at hand: filling out the form. Include a short persuasive paragraph to invite your viewer to give their contact details. Offer as many methods and information as you can:

  •  -
  • BLOG PAGE: We at Power On Digital offer two options for the maintenance of the weekly blog post. Do not include any text or images for this tab. Simply read through the text below, and initial the options to specify how you would like to move forward. You are always able to switch at a later time. We see the blog as a wonderful opportunity for our clients to take an active role in their social media by writing the content for their own blogs. It is a low-maintenance way for you to let your passion, professional tone, vocabulary and/or current research shine through directly to your audience.

  • How it works:

    1. Weekly, you send an email to:

    2. It does not have to be in polished form, but just an accurate recounting of the things that are most important that week in your world, whether it be a trip, an new client, a new method in your field, or simply a new channel of inspiration. It can be written off the top of your head and only need to be about one single-spaced typed page (about 300 words is great).

    3. Once we receive it, we rewrite it in a conversational tone that, evidence shows, is more readable to the average blog reader who is by nature, in a rush. We then SEO it with your chosen keywords and post it in a timely and consistent manner according to our studies of targeted demographic reader schedules, etc.

    Even more, you won’t always have to write the blog posts! We strongly suggest that you use your vast resources of people, such as fellow practitioners, fans, role models, or previous clients for some of the content. Ask these people to write a 300 word blog/letter/essay on why they love your work or have enjoyed or benefited from working with you or around you. Then you can forward it directly to us at the email address above.

    This achieves many things at once:

    • You can tell the people who write these blogs that you will write one for them in exchange as a guest blogger.
    • This opens up relationships in your field and generates a massive amount of traffic to your site, which essentially raises its google rank.
    • Most of all, it supports those that work for you, with you and around you.

    This process of writing blogs and involving your community in writing them is actually really fun and an open invitation to get in the mix with your peers and scope out what’s current, new and fresh in your industry.

    We can write blog posts, that of course may not ever reflect your exact voice or the vast knowledge you’ve acquired in your field, but will be at a level which you will not only be comfortable, but satisfied with.

    The process on our end takes roughly the same amount of time, however jumping into your social media has proven to be very beneficial to our clients who have chosen to send them in.

  • We want to personally congratulate you on diving into to the digital world and taking an active role in your career! Cheers!

    Caroline D., Warren T., and the Power On Digital Team

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