University Housing Digital Signage Submission

University Housing Digital Signage Submission

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  • University Housing Digital Signage Submission

  • Introduction:

    The Barrett Honors Hall Front Desk and Barrett at Vista del Sol Front Desk offers an all-digital display opportunity to advertise primarily on campus programs, services, and upcoming events available to the Barrett community.

    To better assist you in the marketing of your event, program, or service we have created branding standards and policies that are designed to help you properly format your advertisement for the digital screens.  

    Designing Your Poster:

    • Poster Size:  needs to be set at 1366px by 768px at 72 ppi (72 ppi if you are using Photoshop)
    • Poster Format:  needs to be in JPEG format
    • Poster Colors:  needs to be produced using RGB colors.
    • Poster Fonts:  needs to be easy to read and size correctly.
    • Poster Orientation:  file needs to be in landscape mode (horizontal)
    • Grammar & Spelling:  file should have been proofread prior to submission
    • Guidelines:  Any background color or image should go to the edge of the artboard, text needs to stay inside edges and spaced away from any edges.
    • Your poster must be for a Barrett-sponsored or University Housing-sponsored club, initative, event, or department.
    • Failure to adhere to these policies may result in your poster being rejected.


    If you would like to download a Photoshop template to get started, please click  HERE to download the PSD file.  Once you open the PSD template in Photoshop, follow the guidelines on the template layer(s) and then delete the template layer(s) as appropriate.  Please be sure to save your work periodically by going to "File" and "Save for Web & Devices" and select .jpg in the drop down on the right.

    You may also use the free web service Canva ( and customize the dimensions to be 1366 px by 768 px and export your project as a JPEG.  Remember, it should be landscape (horizontal).

    Submitting Your Poster:

    During the poster submission process on the next pages of this form, you will get to define where and when you would like your digital poster to be shown and removed.  If approved, your poster will appear on the Friday that you requested and be removed on the day you chose to have the poster removed.  All poster requests must be received on Fridays by 9:00 AM.  

    The maximum post time for a poster is currently set to two weeks. Requesting posting longer than two weeks may result in your poster being rejected, removed early, or initially displayed on a date later than you requested.

    After you submit your digital poster it will be submitted to University Housing for approval.  University Housing approves all poster content for both the Barrett Honors Hall Front Desk and for the Barrett at Vista Del Sol Front Desk.  You will only receive notification if your poster submission is rejected.  If you do not receive a notification that your poster was rejected, it is safe to assume that your poster was received and approved.

     If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out directly to University Housing Community Directors Caley Logsdon ( and Tabitha Venezia (  Thank you!

    Please click the "Next" button below to continue and submit your digital poster.