Field Trip National Park Sign Up Form

Field Trip National Park Sign Up Form

Out for a church activity and camping? Fill out this form with all necessary information about camping included. Form Preview
  • Watagans Abseiling Camp 25 - 26th July

  • Trip outline

  • Camp Number 2

    This camp we will be traviling to Watagans National park near Cooranbong where we will be camping Saturday night. Sunday we will be going abseiling at a place called Monkeyface which is a short walk away from the camp sight. 

    We will be packing the Bus Saturday morning before church so that we can be on the road as soon as possible after Church lunch. 

    We are planning to be back at church at 7:30pm on Sunday. 

  • What to bring

    • Hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Clothes for day activities
    • clothes to sleep in
    • Warm jacket
    • at least 2L water bottle. 
    • Food for one breakfast, one tea, & one lunch. 


    Specific for abseiling

    • T-shirt
    • long pants or shorts that come to the knee
    • hairband (all long hair must be died back in a bun is best)
    • enclosed shoes
  • Food Ideals

  • All meals will need to be able to coocked over the fire or a portable camp stove.



    • Cereal (something like muesli or Weetabix is better than foods like rice bubbles.)


    Lunch: (food that does not require cooking. Salad can be used for sandwiches and wraps just ensure it is stored securely. I find cucumber and tomato are good.)

    • Wraps
    • Sandwiches


    Dinner: (Simple Cooked meal)

    • Continental pasta
    • Cuscus
    • Deb Potato
    • Rice
    • Soup sachets
    • Dehydrated veggies
  • Need to be aware

  • Base / Emergency Contact

    Name:        Lyn Wright

    Phone:       0408739121

     Our major activity for this camp is abseiling. Abseiling does inherrit a considerable amount of risk. To deal with these risks we have compleated a comprehensive risk assessment.

    Including myself, we will have 4 qualified and highly experienced staff. The pathfinders will be briefed on the the processes and will be given clear instructions as they are needed. Our staff will also be checking all equipment and will be conducting the activity according to insustry standards. 

    When camping, or participating in any outdoor activities there are going to be risks involved. The outdoor industry calls this an acceptable amount of risk. On completing a risk assessment for this camp, it has been deemed as a low risk activity. Our three major risks and prevention strategies are…

    • Sunburn / Dehydration (Bring hat, sunscreen and water)
    • Disobeying saftey instructions (Briefing on inherrent risks and consequences + monitoring) 
    • Trip Hazards (Briefing, covered in shoes)



  • Content and release

  • I have read and understood the pre trip information sheet for the Pathfinder camp running from the 9 – 10 of April. I acknowledge that I have been made aware there is a level of risk involved in the above activity and I am accepting of this risk for myself/my child.


    In the event of injury or illness, I authorize the Camp directors (where it is impractical to communicate with me) to give consent on my behalf for me/my child to receive any appropriate medical treatment as may be deemed necessary by a licensed physician and/or surgeon. I agree to pay the appropriate fees for such and any ambulance or other emergency transportation costs, which may be required.


    I agree to collect and/or, meet the expense of myself/my child been returned home. I understand that such an arrangement may be necessary due to illness, injury, or non-cooperation in the opinion of the camp directors.


    I agree and give consent for photos and videos to be taken of myself/my child during any activity undertaken by the New Hope Pathfinder Club. I understand that such may be used in promotion or shown in public events.

  • Clear
  • Payment

  • Early Bird Fee: $10 (21st April - 3rd June)

    General Fee: $20 (4 - 17th June)

    Late Fee: $30 (18 - 24th July)

  • Total   $ 0.00 AUD
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