Animal Adoption Application ARP

Animal Adoption Application ARP

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  • Animal Adoption Application

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  • If you answered no to the question above, please visit Google and do a bit of research so you can be prepared for your new family member!

  • If you rent, you must give the person you are adopting from a written letter from your landlord or a copy of the section of your lease stating that you are allowed to have this type of animal and showing any limitations. 

    If you live in a condo or townhome, you must show us written proof that you are allowed to have this type of animal there and show any restrictions.

  • Please be aware that dogs/cats given as gifts for the holiday season are usually returned to shelters or given to pounds after the New Year's. With this in mind, please make sure that any animal you are adopting will be a permenant resident.

  • Thank you for taking the time to submit this form. Please feel free to contact me (the person you are adopting from) or any of the admins in the Adopt/Rehome network. After you click the Submit, you will be redirected to the main page, and you will also recieve a confirmation email. Thank you!

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