Animal Surrender/Intake Request

Animal Surrender/Intake Request

If you rehome animals that have an owner, this free animal surrender form allows you can gather the animals' information. You can collect information such as the owner's contact information, animal's name, weight, age, socialization, vaccinations, heartworm testing. Also, you can get the amount of donation offered to help you cover the cost of vetting/caring for this dog with this animal intake form template. Form Preview
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  • Dog Surrender/Intake Request

  • If you need to rehome your dog, we accept dogs that are 25 lbs or less and good with dogs/cats/people. If your dog fits that criteria, please fill in and submit this form and follow the instructions at the bottom for sending us photographs.

  • When we take a dog in, we keep it in our home with our family and pets. Whether it takes weeks or months to find it a home, we keep the dog with us and incur the cost of it's care and vetting.  We do not fundraise and pay for our rescue work out of our own pockets. It is partially funded by our adoption fees, but this typically does not cover all of our expenses during the year.

  • Please take 3 good quality, well lit photographs of the animal and email them to us at with your name and the animal's name in the subject of the email.  If you have any videos of the dog, please send us the links to them on youtube.

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