Dog Adoption Application

Dog Adoption Application

Are you looking for a new family for your dog? You can find the best family for your dog by using this generic dog adoption application that allows collecting applicants' information such as contact information, does he/she have any pets, references, vet references. Also, this dog adoption form is used as a contract. Form Preview
  • TLC Rescue Dog Adoption Application

  • Adoption Fee $150 (covers full vetting and care of the dog).

    Transport fee for out-of-area adopters: $50 (We have transport available to northeastern states.)

    Fees are payable via check, PayPal, Dwolla or cash and must be paid in advance of transport for out of area adopters.

  • Sumitting this application does not mean you are commiting to a dog, nor does it guarantee you will get that dog.  It is simply a tool we use to help both you and us identify a good potential match for your family and lifestyle.

    A successful adoption depends on selecting the right dog for your household and a good understanding of the dog's needs and care requirements.  Please help us with this process by answering the following questions fully & completely. THANK YOU!

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  • If you answered no to the question above, please contact your town/county/condo assoc and ask them what the regulations are.

  • If you rent, you must show us a written letter from your landlord or a copy of the section of your lease stating that you are allowed to have dogs and showing any limitations. 

    If you live in a condo or townhome, you must show us written proof that you are allowed to have a dog there and show any restrictions.

  • We will be speaking to all adult residents to confirm everyone is aware of this application process and wants to have a dog added to the family. Please do not submit this application if you are "trying to talk someone into" adopting this dog or think "once they meet the dog, they will want one" or "I'm getting this dog as a surprise birthday present for them." In those scenarios, you are welcome to email us to discuss the dog, but we would like all adults in the home to be involved in that email discussion.

  • I understand that completing this application does not guarantee I will be allowed to adopt a dog, and that the application is a tool to help TLC Rescue determine if this dog and my family are a good fit for each other.  I acknowledge that all information provided on this form is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentations may result in my not being approved and/or removal of the adopted dog from my possession.  I also certify that I have never been convicted of animal cruelty or neglect.  

    I agree to allow a representative from TLC Rescue to contact my vet for a reference and also agree to allowing a home visit prior to adopting this dog. If I am approved to adopt a dog, I agree to pay a non-refundable adoption fee and hand sign an adoption contract at the time of adoption.

    I understand that all dogs adopted from TLC Rescue will be spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, fecal tested, and vaccinated prior to adoption.

  • After you submit this form, it will take you back to the TLC Rescue home page. Feel free to email us with any questions:

    Renters: Please send a copy of the pet section of your lease or a landlord pet permission letter to the email address above.

    TLC Rescue reserves the right to reject any application based on information obtained during this screening process.  Please understand that our primary goal is the health, happiness, and safety of our rescued dogs.  

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