Belly Buster Challenge

Belly Buster Challenge

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  • Belly Buster Challenge Get Results NOW!

  • Thank you for your interest in our Belly Fat Challenge.

    If you're looking for health results (weight loss, improved energy, improved overall health, lean muscle gain ect) then this Challenge is PERFECT for you! Our challenge is specifically designed to jump-start you into living a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

    We do it all through an exclusive, interactive closed Facebook and whats app group so you can take part in the Challenge from anywhere in South Africa

    There's many reasons people get Belly Fat. All can be sorted first by nutrition, the reason many people go to the gym for years without decreasing belly fat is poor nutrition. Belly fat is sorted out in the kitchen starting with your breakfast.

    On Monday we are starting a Breakfast challenge that will slowly introduce something different. Your body will appreciate it and our mindset habits will begin to change based on the influence we will create

    You will join our breakfast challenge based on your budget.

    Option A = R157 for 6 days supply

    Body Transformation Challenge

    Option B = R670 for 21 days supply

    Option C = Healthy Breakfast combo - Shake, Aloe, Tea - R1060

    Option D = make an extra income with the Belly Buster Challenge and help your loved ones be healthier too R550 (includes your trial pack for yourself and 2 friends)

    They all contain Herbalife Shake for feeding your bodys cells and Tea for fat attack, energy and faster metabolic system

    Which Option A, B, C or D?

    * The Interactive Coaching Group

    • Daily participation and health coaching to guide you and keep you motivated to achieve your goals.
    • Every day or two, we provide you with key information to enable you to make changes to your nutritional habits and lifestyle.
    • We provide you with short notes for various subjects which are downloadable for you to keep.
    • Delicious Shake recipes and access to a facebook group with a library of yummy recipes.
    • Starter Kit (Herbalife branded Shaker, measuring scoops, and tape measure) with Option B or C

    * Delivery of Challenge Pack Included!

    So take the decision NOW to make changes and get healthy with our incredible Challenge! The next Challenge starts on Monday and ends on Saturday

    Once proof of payment and your completed Registration Form is received, your Challenge Pack will be delivered via Dawn Wing Couriers within 3 to 4 working days (within South African borders)

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Challenge. Take action NOW and transform you body!


  • Please list 5 Friends/Family that may be interested in joining the Challenge and being accountability partners.  

    • Please note, that ALL Participants younger than 18 years, will need the signed consent of a Parent/Guardian.
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