Collaborative Leadership Event Registration

Collaborative Leadership Event Registration

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  • Waikato Collaborative Leadership Event
  • Waikato Collaborative Leaders Weekend is about equipping young leaders and changing lives. Not just the lives of those who come but the lives of everyone they meet.

    This is a joint Waikato region Christian Camping New Zealand (CCNZ) training weekend, but it's not solely for those involved in camps. If you are involved in a youth group or other ministry, this would be great for you too; as the Christian leadership principles taught here can be used in any ministry. It's also a time to get close to God, as we sometimes forget to do that.

    Where: Christian Youth Camps Ngarauawahia
    When: 7pm Friday September 16th - 2.30pm Sunday September 19th 2016
    Who: 13-24yos who lead or aspire to leadership!  (Young people must attend with their camp, and an adult from the camp needs to be with their group)

    Cost: $85.


    Level 2 Camps  - $35 discount = $50 camp fee (50 spaces at this price)

    Level 1 Camps & Youth Groups - $15 discount = $70 camp fee (50 spaces at this price, if you are Tier 2 and you miss out you can come at the Tier 1 discount)


  • The Program & Guest Speakers

  •  LISTEN to the life of David

    TAKE PART in team activities

    GROW your leading skills


    Chris and Gretchen are passionate about seeing people grow. Chris loves to teach and talk leadership while Gretchen is a terrific counsellor and facilitator. They first met on the ballroom dance floor and still continue to enjoy working together 18 years later. Today they run ‘Lighthouse Leadership-Psychology & Training’ a cutting edge and creative business that seeks to build nations full of people who know their value, identity and purpose.


    If you are looking for Alice, you’ll find her outside with a friend by her side and a coffee in her hand. Alice’s dream is for you to encounter the love and life of God. She has spent a lot of time with young adults as a leader, mentor and teacher. She currently works with a bunch of different ministries to help people discover who God created them to be. Alice is also is the author of the Leaders In Training modules for CCNZ.