DCS Form Preview
  • DCPS Employee Travel Booking Form

  • Instructions: The purpose of this form (Travel Booking Form) is to gather all the information needed to book your travel and to share that information with the DCPS employee who will be making the purchase(s). Only use this form if a central office p-card holder will be purchasing your travel.

    Please follow the steps listed below to ensure that the employee booking your travel has all the information needed. You can find additional travel-related resources on Canvas at DCPS Travel Resources (Canvas). Please send all questions to dcpsoca.inquiries@dc.gov.

    Travel Booking Form Checklist

    1. Complete the online Travel Booking Form in its entirety.
    2. Upload/attach a copy of your signed Travel Authorization Form (i.e. Form 1000).
    3. Upload/attach all supporting documentation.
    4. Select the P-Card Holder who will be purchasing yourtravel (P-Card Holder for Payment).
    5. Click “submit” to send the form to the P-Card Holder for Payment you selected.
    6. Follow-up with the p-card holder to confirm that your form and supporting documentation were received.

  • Traveler Demographic Information

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  • Traveler Information

  • Conference/Training Registration Details (include registration link or contact information, if applicable)

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