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An employee evaluation form is a performance review tool used to track employee progress by collecting information about employees’ skills, goals, and accomplishments. With our free Employee Evaluation Forms, you can collect responses online to easily see what your employees are doing well and identify areas for improvement. Once you’ve conducted your employee reviews on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, they’ll be securely stored in your Jotform account — making it easy to manage reviews and convert them into printable PDFs!

To conduct valuable employee evaluations for your company or HR department, you’ll need a great employee evaluation form template. Start with one of our readymade Employee Evaluation Forms and customize it with Jotform Form Builder to create the perfect evaluation form for your needs. Rearrange the template layout, add and update questions, upload your company logo, and more — you can even get visual by adding tables and rating scales! Monitor employee progress online with our free Employee Evaluation Forms to decrease paperwork and conduct more efficient performance reviews.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

An employee performance evaluation form is used by companies to track individual performance, track employee progress, and provide detailed feedback to employees.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee Performance Review

Evaluate employees online with a free Employee Performance Review Form. Easy to customize and fill out on any device. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Remote Work Survey

Analyze your current work from home policy with a free online Remote Work Survey. Ideal for coronavirus-related remote workplaces. Sync responses to 100+ apps.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee Complaint Form

A very useful form when there is a complaint by an employee against another employee, senior manager or supervisor. You can use this employee complaint form sample for documenting any complaints. This employee complaint form template includes company name, name of the employee, date of the complaint, supervisor's name, description the details of the complaint, additional comments, supervisor's comments, signature.

Employment Forms

Self Evaluation Template

Create the perfect Self Evaluation Form for your employees. Collect, view, and manage responses on any device. Free to use and easy to customize!

Employee Evaluation Forms

Peer Evaluation

Do you want to collect feedback about someone? With this peer feedback form template, you can eliminate paperwork and collect all your evaluations online. Peer to peer feedback form has questions about feedback for success in the job, person's strengths and weaknesses, person's collaborating with other team members. Also, you can write your feedback as a comment.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Supervisor Evaluation Form

Assess the performance of your leaders in the company by using this Supervisor Evaluation Form. This template is easy to use and can be customized using the Form Builder.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Performance Evaluation Form

A performance evaluation form is used by employers to evaluate the performance of the employees and track their progress.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Performance Appraisal Form

Conduct employee performance reviews online with a free Performance Appraisal Form. Fill out on any device. Review employee progress to improve your business.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Restaurant Employee Evaluation Form

Manage your restaurant staff with a free, online evaluation form you can send to supervisors. Easy to customize, download, print, and share. No coding required.

Restaurant Evaluation Forms

Executive Director Evaluation Form

An Executive Director Evaluation form is a questionnaire used by non-profit organizations to gather feedback from employees. No coding!

Employee Evaluation Forms

Construction Employee Evaluation Form

Monitor construction workers with this free, online evaluation form. Easy to customize and complete on any device. Download, print, and share reviews. No coding.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Employee Peer Review Template

Let employees evaluate their coworkers with this free, online peer review template. Customize to meet your needs. Easy to fill out and view on any device.

Peer Feedback Forms

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey meets your needs! By using this Employee Engagement Survey, you can learn how satisfied your employees are at your company in order to improve your working conditions.

Employee Surveys

90 Day Employee Evaluation Form

Monitor the improvement of a new employee by using this 90 Day Employee Evaluation Form. This form is helpful in deliberating if the employee is suitable for the position or not.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Parent Feedback Form

Now, the feedback of the parents, as well as the students, is important. Collect feedback and improve your organization with the Parent Feedback Form. No code required!

School Evaluation Forms

Kitchen Staff Evaluation Form

Keep your restaurant in business. Evaluate chefs with our free, customizable evaluation form. Receive feedback from supervisors. View and edit on any device.

Restaurant Evaluation Forms

Manager Evaluation Form

A manager evaluation form is a questionnaire that helps supervisors to rate the performance of their employees. Use this Manager Evaluation Form to ask your employees for feedback about their work.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Multi Page Employee Evaluation Form

A comprehensive Employment Evaluation Form collecting employee personal and contact details with the evaluator comments and feedback regarding their overall performance, expected goals and objectives and employee comments.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Food Service Employee Evaluation Form

Get feedback about employees online and improve your restaurant. Customize and share with supervisors in minutes. Easy to fill out on any device. No coding.

Restaurant Evaluation Forms

360 Degree Employee Evaluation Survey

A 360 degree employee evaluation survey is a survey that employees or employers can use to get a picture of what their organization looks like from multiple perspectives.

Survey Templates

Annual Peer Performance Evaluation Form

An annual peer performance evaluation form is used by a supervisor to provide feedback to their employees on their performance over a year. Boost your progress via Jotform. No coding.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Assessment Form

An assessment form is a questionnaire used to make assessments with all necessary metrics included. Go online with no coding!

Employee Evaluation Forms

Performance Review

Provide performance feedback and a plan for career improvement and growth.

Employee Evaluation Forms