Module 10. Making a monitoring plan

Module 10. Making a monitoring plan

Module 10 of the 'Introduction to monitoring for management' learning package for Kimberley Indigenous rangers. A creative commons license applies to this form Form Preview
  • MODULE 10 Making a monitoring plan

    For Kimberley Indigenous Rangers doing "Introduction to Monitoring for Management, A learning package for Kimberley Indigenous Rangers"

    This module can be done by Kimberley Rangers who have already done modules 1-9 of the learning package.

    At the end of this form you will have made your own monitoring plan.

    You can complete it by yourself or with another ranger. You'll probably need your IPA or Ranger Coordinator close by to help for some parts.

    You can finish it over a few weeks (but don't leave it for more than4 weeks).

    Please answer each part to the best of your knowledge.

    Don't worry if you aren't sure of all your answers. Even people who are very experienced in monitoring have to make their best guess sometimes.

    Talk to people with knowledge as you go and give it a crack.

    Each time you click on "save and next" at the end of a page your work will be saved.

    Once you have finished it and hit "submit" at the end, an email with your monitoring project plan will be sent toyour trainer and each of the ranger email addresses you type below.


    The Dilly Bag document

    The module 8 stepping stones exercise instructions

    Your Monitoring Toolbox (table 1 and 2)

    Your Monitoring Database (on your ranger computer)

    Phone numbers and email of other Kimberley saltwater ranger groups.

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