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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

If you're an online shopper then here's a great form for buying and getting products shipped to you. Form Preview
  • Euphoria: Shopping Extraordinaire ♥

    NOT your ORDINARY online shop.
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  • Euphoria: Store Policies and Conditions

    Every customer is entitled to read the following conditions:

    1. Upon browsing our products and you find something you would like to purchase comment 'WEAR' + item name .
    2. Wait for our response for you to be able to sign the order form .
    3. Payment must be made w/in 2 days from after filling up the order form.

    WARNING: All cancelled or unattended orders will be placed in the banned list and will be blocked to avoid future inconvenience.

    For meet-ups:

    Click this link for details

    For shipping:

    Click this link for details

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