Safe Room Registration Form

Safe Room Registration Form

Form is used by the City to register the location of the shelter or safe room of each resident in order for it to be available in case of a disaster. Form Preview
  • Fill out the form carefully for registration

    This Safe Room Registration Form is provided as a way for residents to inform the Chickasha Emergency Management Agency where their safe room or shelter is located. This information will be listed in a database that will be used in the event of a disaster to help the City determine where people may be trapped.The information is kept confidential and will not be shared with individuals, companies or other agencies.

    It is very important that you enter the information correctly. Please review the information before you press the submit button. ALL BLANKS SHOULD BE COMPLETED. (IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS SUBMITTING THE FORM, PLEASE CONTACT THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OFFICE AT 405-222-6000)

    (If you have a COUNTY STREET or ROAD address you are located outside the City Limits of Chickasha and you are not eligible for this Registration and your information will not be saved.)

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  • During the processing of this information, Staff will visit the property to obtain a Global Positioning System (GPS) reading so the property may be located if all of the landmarks are been destroyed during a disaster. Staff will not need access to your property or the shelter during this process.

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