Player Evaluation Form

Player Evaluation Form

A tennis training camp's goal is to enhance and develop the participating athletes' skills. And to achieve that, coaches and trainers rely on player evaluation. This is a tennis player evaluation form that you can use to achieve that. You can also classify this as a tennis player evaluation sheet where fields are laid out in a way that will help players and coaches which technical skills need more focus. It's a good tennis evaluation form showcasing different areas of improvement for grips, volleys, slices, and drills. Form Preview
  • 2016 USTA Early Development Camp 3 The All Court Player - Player Evaluation Form

  • Athletic Skill Development

    Tennis requires a tremendous amount of agility, balance, coordination, speed & strength. We work on these skills in a variety of ways to develop a strong athletic foundation and become better tennis players.
  • Technical Development: Continental Grip Warm Up

  • Technical Development: 5 Ball Controls

    Players need to have the ability to control the ball in order to execute a game plan. Players should be able control the direction of their ball, depth, height, speed and spin of the ball. In this drill we work on the 5 ball controls in a rally (live ball.)
  • Technical/Game Development: Backhand Slice Transition & Volley

  • Backhand Slice Transition

  • Volley

  • Game Development: Serve & Volley Points

  • Core Values/Theme of Camp

  • Homework: Areas of Focus

  • Should be Empty: