Player Evaluation Form

Player Evaluation Form

Players are evaluated by their coaches and assistant coaches throughout their game performance. As an athlete, it is tiresome to fill very long paper forms specially during workouts. Using this form would make its super easy for them because they can access and fill the form whenever they want even while they're at home. Form Preview
  • 2016 USTA Early Development Camp 3 The All Court Player - Player Evaluation Form

  • Athletic Skill Development

    Tennis requires a tremendous amount of agility, balance, coordination, speed & strength. We work on these skills in a variety of ways to develop a strong athletic foundation and become better tennis players.
  • Technical Development: Continental Grip Warm Up

  • Technical Development: 5 Ball Controls

    Players need to have the ability to control the ball in order to execute a game plan. Players should be able control the direction of their ball, depth, height, speed and spin of the ball. In this drill we work on the 5 ball controls in a rally (live ball.)
  • Technical/Game Development: Backhand Slice Transition & Volley

  • Backhand Slice Transition

  • Volley

  • Game Development: Serve & Volley Points

  • Core Values/Theme of Camp

  • Homework: Areas of Focus

  • Should be Empty: