Healthcare Worksheet Form

Healthcare Worksheet Form

This form is used specifically by support modules for registration purposes. Designed for healthcare but can be adapted to any other field. Form Preview
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  • What is the definition of a module?

    According to Net Dimensions, a learning object is anything that a student may learn from and would typically involve learning objectives. NetDimensions Learning supports multiple learning object types. Each of these has different capabilities, and only some (those typically associated with courses of various types) participate in enrollment and record tracking. However, all can appear in a catalog and can be used to convey information to the user.

    Learning objects supported by NetDimensions Learning include:

    • Classroom - A classroom offering with multiple sessions and locations
    • Just-in-time Learning - Quick to learn material available via a hyperlink on another system (or on the web)
    • Program Equivalent to a curriculum - A collection of learning modules of different types
    • Self Training (Paper and Video) - Used to set up self training courses instead of SCORM or AICC for self-training qualifications
    • Online - A typical on-line learning module launchable over the internet/intranet
    • On the Job Training - Enhanced for clients who would like to supervise the performance of users after they've completed the on the job training
    • Virtual Classroom - An integrated link to scheduled virtual classroom session
    • Virtual Classroom (Archived) - A recorded virtual classroom sessions that may be accessed for direct playback
    • Workshop/Seminar - Represents workshop sessions that might be hands-on type session or labs
    • Task - is use to identify lightweight learning objects. It is suitable to track on-the-job "snippets" of training. e.g
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