H4H Meetings and Room Response DRAFT

H4H Meetings and Room Response DRAFT

Response 'starter' form for hotel responses with rooms and meeting space Form Preview
H4H Meetings and Room Response DRAFT
  • RFP NAME_____________________

  • Hotel Information

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  • Bid Response

  • Concessions

  • If you need to send multiple attachments, please email them to "email address"

  • Room rates are 10% commissionable, based on actualized room revenue consumed (IATA #45699452). Additionally, a $1 charitable contribution is paid by the property per actualized room night.

    Actualized room nights/revenue consumed includes all room nights/revenue generated by this group, including rooms consumed over the contracted amount and rooms credit to the group after cutoff date.
  • Hotel acknowledges acceptance of above terms and conditions by inputting initials below:

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