HOHR New foster assessment

HOHR New foster assessment

Foster Dog Assessment Form Form Preview
  • Hands of Hope Rescue - New foster dog assessment

  • Thank you for opening your home to a dog in need! In order to help troubleshoot any issues, mitigate future problems and determine strengths/weaknesses in your HHR foster dog, please answer the following questions no later than one week after having the foster dog in your home. This will help us help you with integrating your foster dog into your home and making him/her ready to go to a forever home some day. For dogs that are already showing good behavior and traits, this form will help us and you determine the best adoptive home for the dog, and maybe even help you write his or her bio for our web and facebook pages.

    If you have any comments or suggestions of things that can be added or should be changed on the form we also welcome your suggestions (there is space at the end of the form). 

    Thank you again for fostering for Hands of Hope Rescue!

  • Introductions and first impressions

  • In-home behavior

  • Leash behavior

  • Housebreaking

  • Food and feeding

  • Crating

  • Separation and down time

  • Play time

  • Obedience and training

  • Body language and behavior

  • Socialization

  • Problem behaviors?

  • Other comments and feedback

  • Should be Empty: