MedCenter AIR Peer Review Form

MedCenter AIR Peer Review Form

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  • MedCenter AIR Peer Review Tool

  • Please note the rating scale for this Review:

    B = Below Expectations – Performance needs to improve for the incumbent to be successful in executing the requirements of the position.
    S = Successful Performer – Competent, executes the attributes and achieves established goals required as a full contributor to the organization.
    E = Excellent Performer – Exceptional, executes the attributes and achieves established goals required as an outstanding contributor to the organization. Makes substantial contributions to drive the organization forward.

    Please check the box that best applies to peer being evaluated.

  •   B S E
    Promotes a positive and caring attitude in the work environment
    Adjusts personal work load/ assignment to assist co-workers and accommodate changes in overall unit activity
    Demonstrates flexibility in scheduling and assignments
    Contributes as a member of the multidisciplinary team
    Supports team members through consistent and fair behavior
  •   B S E
    Demonstrates technical competence in clinical skills
    Completes assigned tasks with attention to detail and accuracy
    Manages patient assignments safely
    Demonstrates evidence-based practice by staying current with issues related to clinical field_______________
    Gives comprehensive report
    Prioritizes and anticipates patients’ needs
    Recognizes change in patient status and responds appropriately
    Accesses/utilizes available resources for clinical problem solving. _____
  •   B S E
    Communicates directly with team members in conflict situations
    Avoids gossip
    Promotes atmosphere of mutual trust, professionalism, and respect among team members
    Communicates with patients and families to enhance patient knowledge, overall satisfaction with care, and compliance with treatment plan.
    Communicates need for as assistance with assignment
    Documents patient care in a manner that effectively conveys necessary information to other healthcare team members
  •   B S E
    Completes assigned tasks in a timely fashion
    Prioritizes work to enhance unit productivity
    Enhances overall team productivity and performance through professional actions
    Sees beyond own personal agenda and appreciates importance of “big picture” for the team__________________
  •   B S E
    Supports the CHS mission, vision, and goals
    Accepts responsibility and accountability for own actions
    Recognizes and respects needs of team members and considers others’ suggestions thoughtfully _____________
    Presents a professional image through demeanor and attire
    Serves as a positive role model within the profession
    Participates in continuing education activities and shares knowledge with others
  •   B S E
    Inspires and motivates team members
    Mentors others; is a role model
    Recognizes and promotes common goals for the team _________________________________________________
    Acts as a resource to others
    Advocates for patients and team members
    Acts as an effective change agent
    Delegates as appropriate
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