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Whether your salon provides haircuts, waxing services, or skincare treatments, our free Salon Forms will make it easier to onboard new clients and help protect you and your staff as your business reopens. To get started, simply select a template below that best suits your needs, customize it to match your needs and branding, and embed it in your website or send it to clients directly to gather their consent online. Clients can enter their contact information, schedule appointments, read your terms and conditions, answer questions regarding their medical history, and provide their digital signature from any device. You’ll instantly receive submissions, easy to view, download, convert into PDFs, and print from your secure Jotform account.

Customize your Salon Form to match your barbershop, hairdresser, or beauty shop with our easy-to-use Form Builder — no coding required! Just drag and drop form fields and images, edit the text to include your salon’s policies, and even change the fonts and colors to match your branding. And if you’d like to store submissions in your other online accounts, such as G Suite, Dropbox, or Airtable, do it automatically with our 100+ free apps and integrations! Whether you need client intake forms, consent forms, or appointment forms for your spa or salon, treat yourself to our selection of online salon form templates to help you take care of business.

Skincare Facial Consent Form

A skincare facial consent form is a document that allows you to gather information from your clients about their upcoming visit, namely their expectations of the service.

Dermal Filler Consent Form

Get this Dermal Filler Consent Form and easily start collecting your clients’ consents before applying any procedures. No coding required!

Dermal Filler Consultation Form

Get the medical history and general information about your clients before adjusting the dermal filler practice by using this Dermal Filler Consultation Form. No coding required!

Dermal Filler Treatment Record Form

Get the clients’ treatment record information with a Dermal Filler Treatment Record Form easily after applying any procedures. Keep organized all the time. No coding required.

Dermal Filler Aftercare Form

Make the process easier with the Dermal Filler Aftercare Form and help your clients with your after-care process advice. All can be achieved without coding!

Dermal Filler Client Intake Form

Gather data to understand better your clients’ needs before setting an appointment by using this Dermal Filler Client Intake Form that can be opened on any device. No coding required.

Dermal Diagnosis Form

Get this Dermal Diagnosis Form and easily start collecting your client’s diagnosis before applying any procedures. No coding required!

Makeup Consultation Form

A makeup consultation form is a form used by cosmetic departments of a store for customers to describe how they want their makeup. No coding!

Permanent Makeup Consent Form

Receive consent from your clients systematically using this Permanent Makeup Consent Form. This eliminate the time consuming process of meeting with your client just to acquire their consent or even save time from the tedious but necessary process of getting consent by letting them fill up this form in their convenience.

Permanent Makeup Consultation Form

Capture important related data from your client before an appointment by using this Permanent Makeup Consultation Form. This form can be embedded on any webpage and can be accessed via the direct link.

Makeup Survey

A makeup survey is a detailed questionnaire used to obtain the opinions, perspectives and behaviors of people wearing makeup.

Makeup Appointment Form

Makeup Appointment Form can help you in scheduling an appointment to have any sort of makeup professionally applied.

Permanent Makeup Client Information Form

Gather pertinent information about the client who will undergo permanent makeup by having them complete this Permanent Makeup Client Information Form. This form can be added to any webpage using the embed code.

Jolene Nails COVID 19 Liability Release Waiver

A Jolene Nails COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver form is used by medical practices to ensure that patients are aware of the risks involved with the COVID-19 vaccine and agree to be treated if they do develop side effects or adverse reactions. No coding!

Permanent Makeup Client Intake Form

Get prepared to fulfill your understanding of your clients' needs better before a permanent makeup practice with this Permanent Makeup Client Intake Form. All these can be achieved without coding!

Permanent Makeup Release Form

Easily get your clients’ permission and consent before using any photographs and videos with this Permanent Makeup Release Form. No coding required!

Beauty Salon Service Survey

A Beauty Salon Service Survey is a questionnaire used by beauty salons and health and beauty spas to gather feedback and improve their services.

Botox Consent Form

Collect patient’s consent to the terms and conditions of Botox procedure. Track patient records and transfer your business online. No coding.

Botulinum Toxin Consultation Form

Record patient information and gather their consent to receive Botulinum Toxin procedure. No coding required.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment Consent Form

Get this Botulinum Toxin Treatment Consent Form and easily start collecting your clients’ consents before applying any procedures. No coding required!

Botulinum Toxin Aftercare Form

Smooth the clients’ aftercare process of a botulinum toxin with this handy Botulinum Toxin Aftercare Form. No code required!

Botulinum Toxin Injection Site Record Form

Botulinum toxin is a drug of choice for treating muscle contractions that cause facial wrinkles

Botulinum Toxin Treatment Record Form

Get the clients’ treatment record information with a Botulinum Toxin Treatment Record Form easily after applying any procedures. Keep organized all the time. No coding required.

Botulinum Toxin Medical History Form

Easily get the clients’ medical history information with a Botulinum Toxin Medical History Form before applying any procedures in case of side effects and health problems. No coding required.

Other Salon Forms

Beauty Salon COVID-19 Liability Waiver

This COVID-19 Liability Waiver is for Salon businesses to ensure their customers' acknowledgment of the possible risks of a salon service during the pandemic and reminds the measures that can be taken to avoid such risk. This Beauty Salon COVID-19 Liability Waiver provides you with your customers' personal and contact information and their signature to the condition statements. You can customize the template through Jotform's Form Builder, add, remove or change fields, add your own content, change the fonts, colors, background, and either embed it to your website or use it as a standalone form.

Salon Forms

COVID-19 Salon Company Consent Form

This COVID-19 Salon Company Consent Form asks your customers to provide their personal information and service details with their acknowledgment of the COVID-19 measures and consent to obey the terms and conditions.

Consent Forms

Eyelash Extension Consent Form

Eyelash extension consent form provides you with all necessary details of your customer such as their contact information, health history, previous lash extension experience with their consent to your terms and conditions.

Consent Forms

Covid-19 Salon Services Consent Form

Free screening form for salons and spas. Prevent further spread of the virus. Easy to customize, embed, and integrate. No coding.

Consent Forms

Skin Care Consultation Form

If you make a skin care consultation you can use this skin care consultation form to make an appointment for follow up check up. This facial consultation form template provides to collect contact information, skin information such as skin care goals, skin care challenges, skin care products that are used by the client, health information such as illnesses, allergies. Also, this skin consultation form template contains your policies and allows your policies to be accepted by your customers. You can collect your clients' signatures with this skin care client consultation form.

Medical Surveys & Questionnaires

Hairdressers Appointment Request Form

Planning to open a hair salon or do you own a salon business? Promote your services and get more customers appointments easily through this hairdresser appointment form. This hair salon form collects contact information and your clients can select service required, stylist, date, time.

Customer Service Forms

Tattoo Consent Form

Using this amazing Tattoo Consent Form Template will definitely improve the process of getting consent from the client. No coding is required.

Consent Forms

Esthetician Client Intake Form

Use this Esthetician Client Intake Form to receive information about the client in regards to cosmetic or skin treatment. This form will surely help the technician or clinic on how they will approach the client and offer the appropriate services.

Patient Registration Form Templates

Nail Art Order Form

Sell your nail art or salon services online with a free Nail Art Order Form. Easy to customize, embed in your website, and share on social media.

Salon Forms

Waxing Waiver Form

Protect your salon with our free Waxing waiver Form Template. Save time and eliminate messy paperwork by collecting client consent and e-signatures online!

Consent Forms

Eyelash Extension Consultation Forms

An eyelash extension consultation form is used by the eyelash extension artist to collect information from the customer for eyelash extensions.

Customer Registration Forms

Hair Salon Waiver Form

With the help of this Hair Salon Waiver Form, your salon will be released from any liabilities related to the provided hair service. You can use the Form Builder if you need to add, change, or edit the waiver form.

Consent Forms

Laser COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver

Get e-signatures from clients before their laser hair removal appointments. Free release of liability waiver form. Easy to customize, embed, and integrate.

Consent Forms

Nail Salon Consent Form

Help your clients understand the rules and policies of your salon by using this Nail Salon Consent Form. This form can easily be inserted on any webpage or can be opened via the direct link.

Consent Forms