Kids School Registration Form

Kids School Registration Form

This is a form for class registration specifically for kids schools and programs. If you are a coach, a teacher or a school admin, this school registration form template will be very convenient for the parents to register their kids into your school. This registration form for school contains all the necessary information about the kids, health, emotion, life conditions as well as the terms. Also, this school registration form includes parents' signature. You can modify the content of this kids registration form according to your requirements. Form Preview
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  • Relax Kids Registration Form

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  • Numbers to Ring Incase of Emergency & Relationship to the Child.

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  • Please complete the following to the best of your knowledge and discuss any specific concerns you have with me and together we can support your child.

  •   Excellent Good Ok Needs some extra support Needs lots of extra support
    Ability to be calm and peaceful at times.
    Ability to deal with anxiety and stress.
    Ability to express their feelings.
    Self-esteem and self-confidence.
    Ability to cope with feelings of Anger
    Ability to openly show care and concern for themselves and others
    Attention span.
    Ability to listen
    Sleep pattern.
  •  I individually as a parent/guardian of the child identified above hereby agree to the following:

     Parent’s Responsibilities: Relax Kids takes all reasonable care to ensure that its programmes are fun and safe. However, I understand that my child will be engaging in a moderate amount of physical activity that may involve some risk of injury. I acknowledge I have been advised to consult with my or my child’s physlcian with respect toany past or present injury, illness, health problem or any other condition or medication that may affect my child’s participation in the Relax Kids programme.  In the event of emergency and in my absence agree to the Relax Kids Coach contacting Emergency Services.  Please note we charge £5.00 per 15 minutes if you are late picking up your child.


    My child’s protection.

    I have read the Relax Kids Child Protection Policy and agree that in the event of my child not being collected I agree that Relax Kids can contact the duty social services duty officer for my childs protection.


    I confirm that I have fully disclosedto Relax Kids and/or the Coach any and all conditions (whether physical, mental or behavioural or otherwise)that my child has or may have before my child participates in the class.


    As far as is permitted under Local Law, I assume the above risks and accept responsibility for any injury sustained by my child. I further discharge and hold harmless Relax Kids including its owners, officers & personnel including its coaches and its suppliers) from any liability arising from any injury to my child or other persons or property caused by my child’s participation in the Relax Kids programme if that injury is caused either by my or my child’s fault; or by a third party unconnected with Relax Kids. The provision of services;or by events with Relax Kids, its owners, officers & personnel including its coaches and supplier, could not have foreseen or prevented even if they had taken reasonable care.


    Refund Classes: Prorated refunds will be given if cancellation is made in writing before the second attended class of the series. I understand and agree that I will not re- ceive any refund or credit for missed classes, but if cancellation of a class is due to failure on the part of Relax Kids I will be entitled to a reasonable refund of the charge for that class. After 2 classes it may be apparent to the Relax Kids Coach that classes are not appropriate for a child at this stage. In this instance we will request that the child is removed from the class and the balance will be refunded. 

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