Request to be Certified for VA Benefits

Request to be Certified for VA Benefits

Request to be certified form Form Preview
  • Brazosport College Request to be Certified for VA Benefits

  • Please be sure to keep your email and phone numbers up to date with the Registration Specialists or you may miss important information sent through the Veterans ListServ emails, or if an instructor is trying to reach you.

  • *You can find this on the previous term’s last Awards Letter you should have gotten from VA, or by setting up your eBenefits Premium Account through the website.

  • Degree or Certificate Program (at BC you are requesting to be certified for this term):

  • If you last drew benefits at another school, you must complete a VA Form 22-1995 available in the Certifying Official’s Office or on the website (key it in the Search box). If you submit it online or mail it to Muskogee, please also deliver a copy to this office so the Certifying Official can process your certification.


  • Notify the Certifying Official immediately if you become aware of any other source paying solely for tuition & fees for this semester. If the Certifying Official has to do an adjustment for anything after your initial certification to VA or finds that any other source paid SOLELY for your tuition & fees, you will be responsible for any overpayments that were made to the VA that BC has to pay back to VA and then charge you for. 

  • Should be Empty: