Skills for Justice Testing and Questionaire Form

Skills for Justice Testing and Questionaire Form

Here is a really nice way to create a questionaire form which can test those you want to teach something to see how much of the information they retained as an evaluation. Form Preview
  • Question 1

    a) Explain the hierarchy of control measures in relation to managing risk (AC 3.6)

    b) Explain the tactical mode options available at incidents and when they are applied (AC 3.5)

  • Question 2

    a) Describe the method of briefing crews at operational incidents (AC 4.3)

    b) Describe the impact of poor or inappropriate communication during an incident (AC 4.2)

  • Question 3

    a) Explain the role and responsibilities of the Incident commander at operational level (AC 2.1)

    b) Describe the relationship between the incident commander, the sector commander and the incident command system (AC 2.3)

  • Question 4

    a) Identify the role and responsibilities of command support (AC 2.4)

    b) Define the range and types of evidence available at an operational incident (AC 2.7)

  • Question 5

    a) Explain the importance of evidence preservation (AC 3.7)

    b) Explain the responsibility for determining the cause of an incident (AC 2.7)

  • Question 6

    a) Describe the common framework under which Category 1 & 2 responders integrate at multi agency incidents (AC 1.4)

    b) Describe the standard model for sectorisation utilised by UKFRS at operational incidents (AC 4.4)

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