Health Questionnaire - Physician

Health Questionnaire - Physician

Whether you're a nurse, doctor, or a caregiver, you always aim to give your patients the care they deserve. Doing that will require specific information so you will find out what your customers health situation. Using this form, asking health information to your patients will be a lot more easier. Create a HIPAA Compliant Health Questionnaire - Physician today. Form Preview
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  • BARWIS ® Health Questionnaire

  • This form must be filled out and submitted in order for you to be considered for a shceduled appointment in our Barwis Methods Injury Recovery program.

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  • Please indicate area(s) where symptoms occur:

  • Was this a re-injury?

  • If yes:

  • Have you been cleared by your physician for personal training? (Please attach a copy of your physician approval, we cannot put you on the list until we get a copy).

  • Please attach your latest progress note or letter from your physician indicating your current functional status.

  • Were you previously treated in physical therapy for this condition?

  • Please indicate what studies were performed:

  • REVIEW OF SYSTEMS (Check any/all symptoms you have experienced):

  • Respiratory:

  • Musculoskeletal:

  • Skin

  • Neurologic:

  • Endocrine:

  • Cancer:

  • Cardiac:

  • GI Tract:

  • Psychological:

  • Constitutional:

  • Communicable Diseases:

  • Ear / Nose / Throat:

  • Eyes:

  • Hematological / Lymph:

  • NOTE: All training payments are made up front and we will work with you in your efforts to get reimbursed. Rates may vary depending on who is training and the number of trainers required for your situation. We will contact you with this info prior to shceudling your training.

  • If you need financial assistance, please indicate below.**

  • Financial Assistance:

  • I acknowledge that the information above and attached is complete and accurate.

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  • PHYSICIAN REFERRAL FORM  - Please print the physician referral form for your doctor to complete and provide a copy to Barwis Methods upon your first visit.

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