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Market Research Survey

A Market Research Survey is a form template designed to collect important information about customers and the overall market for companies.

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Follow Up Survey

A follow up survey is a customer feedback survey that allows customers to review a company or individual. Easy to use. No coding.

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Website Survey

A website survey is used to collect information about websites, users, or the website itself.

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Online Shopping Survey

An online shopping survey is a questionnaire used by online stores to collect feedback from their customers. Whether you run a book, magazine, clothing, or furniture store, use this free Online Shopping Survey!

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User Experience Survey

Right after finishing your website, hearing about your customer's feedback would be a huge help in moving forward with the design/development of your project. Searching for a user experience survey sample could be a pain so here's a website user experience survey that you can use as a starting point. This user experience survey template contains 8 basic questions that will gauge your user's overall experience while navigating your website. The survey focuses on accessibility, content and presentation.

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Pre Sales Questionnaire Form

This Pre-Sales Questionnaire allows you to build trust, boost conversions, increase deal size and optimize your time since you can collect qualified information through a modern and efficient way of marketing your business.

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Social Media Survey

Learn more about social media with a free online social media survey. Easy drag-and-drop customization. Sync submissions to 100+ apps. No coding required.

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Net Promoter Score Form

A Net Promoter Score form is a customer feedback survey used to measure customer loyalty and the likelihood of customer referrals for a brand. Fully customizable and free.

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Cancellation Survey

A cancellation survey is a questionnaire used to determine the reasons why customers cancel their service. Fully customizable and free.

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Digital Marketing Survey

A digital marketing survey is a questionnaire that is used by businesses to learn about the digital marketing preferences of their customers. No coding!

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Business Demographic Survey

A business demographic survey is a survey that captures information about the demographics of a business and its customers. Fully customizable and free.

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User Testing Survey

A user testing survey is an online survey used by designers and developers to find out what users think about their product and how it could be improved.

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Product Testing Survey

A product testing survey is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review a product before its release.

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Market Analysis Template

A market analysis template is used to understand an evaluation of products or services offered by a particular company in a particular marketplace. Either embed it to your website, share it as a stand-alone or QR code. No coding!

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Customer Interest Profile

A customer interest profile allows you to compile your client information in a central database to provide more value to your clients. Provide a better customer experience!

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Pricing Estimation Survey

Do want to know if your prices are suitable for your customers? Find out with this pricing estimation survey.

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Advertising Survey Form

An Advertising Survey Form is a form template designed to help advertisers and marketers gather actionable insights and improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

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Market Study Survey

Gain perspective by gathering important data about your customer, including opinions and buying habits.

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Market Research Template Funnel Brew School

Here is a market research template that you can "copy/duplicate" and then edit to make it your own in jotform!

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Candle Survey

A candle survey is a customer satisfaction survey that aims to evaluate how well a candle shop is performing. No coding!

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Beta Product Feedback Form

Better address your customers’ needs and improve your beta product accordingly. Free and with no coding required.

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Brand Awareness Survey

Brand awareness survey that provides you with some important information regarding your marketing strategy as whether your target audience is aware of your brand, how much they know about you, what impact do you create on your customers.

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Subscription Cancellation Survey Form

Use this cancellation survey template to get customer feedback who cancel subscriptions from the services you offer and know how you can improve your services in the future. This customer cancellation survey also creates a way for your customer to provide a recommendation for your service, especially if they have just opted to cancel their subscription without any negative thoughts about your business. Use this cancellation questionnaire to get details regarding the requested cancellation which would help you determine if the customer is happy or satisfied prior to the cancellation. This cancel subscription template can be used by any businesses that offer monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly recurring subscriptions to their clients.

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Skincare Questionnaire

A skincare questionnaire is a customer survey used by skincare companies to share their products with customers. Start growing your business online!

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About Marketing Surveys

Every good marketing campaign starts with research — so create and conduct personalized Marketing Surveys online with Jotform! Just pick a survey template below, customize it to match your company’s branding and survey questions, and share it with a link or embed it in your site to start collecting responses. You can then view responses in Jotform Inbox, Jotform Tables, or auto-generate reports with Jotform Report Builder — giving you multiple ways to view and analyze your survey data!

Jotform’s easy-to-use Survey Maker lets you drag and drop to customize your chosen survey template in just a few clicks. Add your business logo, update fonts and colors to match your branding, upload images, and more! If you’d like to manage survey data in other accounts you’re already using — such as Salesforce (also available on Salesforce AppExchange), HubSpot, Airtable, and more — connect your form with our 100+ free integrations to sync it to those accounts automatically. Step up your marketing research and conduct it seamlessly online with our free Marketing Surveys!