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Online Medical Consent Form

This excellent Online Medical Consent Form has form fields that ask about the patient information, parent/guardian or emergency contact details, medical data, and the consent waiver. In order to fully acknowledge the consent, this template is using the E-signature widget where the patient can sign digitally.

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Procedure Consent Form

A procedure consent form is an official document that informs patients of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure. Simply customize. Easy-to-use. No coding.

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Child Medical Consent Form

Gather parent consent for your medical practice with a free Child Medical Consent Form. Fill out on any device. Collect e-signatures instantly. Sync with 100+ apps.

Medical Consent Forms

Orthodontic Informed Consent Form

An orthodontic informed consent form is used by dental offices to sign up patients for orthodontic procedures and asks for their consent to the treatment terms and conditions.

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Psychological Assessment Form

A psychological assessment form is used by mental health professionals to assess their clients’ psychological health.

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Blood Donor Consent Form

A blood donor consent form is used by blood banks and other organizations to collect information from potential blood donors. Fully customizable and free.

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Daycare Allergy Form

A childcare allergy form is used by daycare facilities to register children for daycare with known or suspected allergies.

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Acupuncture Informed Consent Form

Get this form for free and easily modify the contents to your preference and publish your form immediately. Just open your Jotform account and clone this form to your account.

Medical Consent Forms

Sample Telemedicine Consent Form

Collect informed consent and e-signatures from patients with a free Sample Telemedicine Consent form. Easy to customize, embed, and share. HIPAA friendly features option.

Medical Consent Forms

Medication Administration Form

A medication administration form is a document that allows health care professionals to administer medications to patients. No code is required!

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Medication Consent Form

The medication consent form provides the patients with medication details, terms and conditions and gathers patient information in detail with their consent and signature.

Medical Consent Forms

Medical Informed Consent Form

Get this Medical Informed Consent Form and start getting consent for treatment from your patients! Customize this template to your preference, such as color, content, and even upload your preferred images. Embed this form to your web page, load this form to any device! Just copy this template to your Jotform account for free!

Medical Consent Forms

Infusion Therapy Form

The Infusion Therapy Form is an online form that allows medical organizations to sign up patients for facial infusion therapy. Fully customizable with no coding. HIPAA friendly.

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Vaccine Consent Form

Collect immunization consent with our Vaccine Consent Form Template! Add your logo and customize the look of this template in just a couple of clicks.

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Financial Consent Form

A financial consent form is a contract between a medical practitioner and a patient that allows the practitioner to collect fees from the patient. Switch online forms with Jotform!

Medical Consent Forms

Ob Gyn Patient History Form

An ob/gyn patient history form is used by ob/gyns to collect and store information about a woman’s health and pregnancy.

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Medical Marijuana Consent Form

Prepare your patient's consent for medical marijuana with the use of web forms. Use this Medical Marijuana Consent Form template.

Medical Consent Forms

Acupuncture Intake Form

An acupuncture intake form is used by medical practitioners who wish to capture patient information before administering acupuncture treatment.

Medical Consent Forms

Telehealth Patient Consent Form

Get informed consent from patients for your telehealth services. Easy to customize and embed. Collect digital signatures. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding.

Medical Consent Forms

Medicare Consultation Intake Form

The Medicare Consultation Intake Form is a form template designed to streamline the process of gathering essential information from individuals seeking Medicare consultation services in healthcare settings such as clinics or medical offices.

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PHQ 9 Rating Scale

A PHQ-9 rating scale is used by healthcare professionals to evaluate depression. Use Jotform to collect information online!

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Sugaring Consultation Form

A sugaring consultation form is a questionnaire used by beauty professionals to learn details about what clients expect from sugaring treatments.

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Telemedicine Consent Form Florida

Get this Telemedicine Consent Form Florida and start collecting consent from your patients in Florida for telemedicine. Don't waste long hours constructing forms from scratch and copy this form and publish it in minutes. No need to have your web host building your database. Everything that you need to have in a form is here. Copy this form to your Jotform account today!

Medical Consent Forms

Surgery Clearance Form

A Surgery Clearance Form is a form template designed to track the clearances of patients before undergoing surgery.

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About Medical Consent Forms

Medical consent is permission given by a patient to receive medical treatment. Also known as informed consent, it indicates that a patient understands the treatment’s procedures, benefits, and risks before consenting to it. Patients who cannot consent to treatment themselves, such as minors, have a guardian consent to their treatment instead.

Our free Medical Consent Form templates can help your medical facility securely collect patient information and signatures online. With our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can easily customize your medical consent form to meet your clinic’s needs. Add form fields to collect more information, list your hospital’s terms and conditions, and upload your logo for a professional look — no coding required. Patients can then complete and sign the form on your clinic’s website or waiting room tablet.

Keep in mind that to protect sensitive health information in line with HIPAA standards, you’ll need to upgrade to aGold or Enterprise plan. By making it easier and quicker for patients to consent to treatment, our Medical Consent Forms will speed up your medical practice’s administration workflow, so you can treat your patients faster and more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are medical consent forms?

Medical consent forms are legal documents that patients read and sign before undergoing treatment, testing, procedures, surgeries, etc. These forms provide details about the proposed treatment, its risks and benefits, the necessary aftercare, and more. They may also go over the estimated recovery time and available alternatives to the treatment.

By signing the form, the patient indicates that they fully understand the information provided about the treatment and voluntarily agrees to proceed. It also confirms that they accept any known possible side effects, complications, or risks associated with the treatment. Medical consent forms allow healthcare organizations to facilitate informed consent and patient autonomy.

What are the different types of medical consent forms?

There are medical consent forms for every type of medical field, treatment, and procedure. You can create medical consent forms that obtain consent for surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusion, medical photography, telehealth, clinical trial participation, psychiatric treatment, and even dental treatments. Medical offices may seek general consent to perform routine treatments and procedures or prescribe medications.

What are some key elements of medical consent forms?

Medical consent forms have several key elements that make them effective. The first is a section to collect patient demographic information, such as name, address, phone number, height, weight, and more. Then, there is usually a section to collect other critical medical data, like blood type or allergies, and emergency contact information in case the treatment doesn’t go according to plan. The form will then have a section for acknowledgment, authorization, and waivers, as well as a final section to collect signatures from all parties.

What kind of information can be collected with medical consent forms?

You can collect any kind of information you need with medical consent forms. This includes patient demographics — like name, age, weight, and contact details. You can also collect patient acknowledgment about the procedure’s benefits and expected outcomes, goals, risks, cost estimates, care instructions, and more. Finally, you can collect signatures from the patient and/or guardian confirming that they provide informed consent.

Why use an Online Medical Consent Form?

Most hospitals use forms for this task, either with a paper-based form or an online form. And to make things easier for patients, some also add PDFs to the mix. However, designing a PDF output for submission data can take a lot of time, especially when building one from scratch. So, we came up with a collection of PDF templates that you can use as a Medical Consent form.

Why use Jotform for your Medical Consent Forms?

Since Jotform offers HIPAA-friendly features, protecting privacy and maintaining security will be easier. To top it all off, we offer signature widgets that can be included within the form. This, in turn, will be displayed in the PDF file as well. A well-designed medical consent form will collect information about the parent or guardian, the patient, and a brief medical history including, but not limited to, medication, illnesses, allergies, special needs, and the particulars regarding the patient’s health insurance. It can also ask for a list of medical treatments you would allow the caretaker to consent to in your absence if required (for instance, a blood transfusion or surgery).

How do I create medical consent forms with Jotform?

You can create medical consent forms with Jotform in a matter of minutes. Simply choose a template from our template library and customize it in our drag-and-drop form builder — no coding required. When you’ve finished personalizing the form to meet your needs, you can share it via email, link, or QR code, or by embedding it in your website.

Your medical consent data will automatically populate in your Jotform account, so you can analyze and manage it from Jotform Tables, export it, or flow it to other software through an integration. The best part? Jotform offers optional HIPAA compliance features, so you can ensure your patient data stays secure and protected according to existing laws.

These templates are suggested forms only. Before using this or any form as a contract or other legal document, please consult with an attorney to make sure it meets the legal needs or your situation. Do not use this form to send a legal request to Jotform.