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Influencer Contract Form

You need a contract if you are a brand influencer or an advertiser. You can use this Influencer Contract Form Template to generate a PDF that summarizes the agreement between the influencer and the advertiser. This Influencer Contract Form Template has fields that ask for the influencer details, advertiser, and social media accounts. It also asks about the details of the marketing campaign like the start and end date, payment fees, and payment method. There's also an E-signature widget in the form that allows the user and the advertiser to signed digitally.

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Cleaning Proposal Form

To provide extra-professional cleaning services, you’ll need an extra-professional cleaning proposal form. Our Cleaning Proposal Form Template allows you and your client to quickly fill in a short form that states cleaning services and prices, protects both you and your client, and keeps everything above board. Make your Cleaning Proposal Form shine with our drag-and-drop Form Builder — you can add your unique services, prices, and company logo in a flash. When linked to our Cleaning Proposal PDF Template, you’ll have polished contracts complete with binding e-signatures. So save time, get organized, and provide great service to your customers using Jotform’s Cleaning Proposal Form Template.

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Social Media Photo Release Form

A social media photo release form is a contract that must be signed by anyone who wishes to publish photos of others on a social networking website.

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Create Taxi Receipts

If you want to create taxi receipts for your business, then use this well-made template has form fields that are asking for the date, time, pick up location, destination, driver's information, and passenger details. The receipt number is generated automatically by the Unique ID widget. It means that each trip has its own unique receipt number. The Date and Time field is set to the current time and current date. If you want to prepopulate the form fields so that the driver's information will be generated automatically, then you should check this guide: Prepopulating Fields to Your Jotform via URL Parameters.

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Delivery Receipt Form

You need a delivery receipt if you're in the shipping and delivery business. This Delivery Receipt Form Template contains field that asks about the customer, delivery date, delivery address, delivery details, and the name of the receiver. The delivery details enumerates the item description, quantity, unit price, and the amount per item. The matrix table is using conditions and calculations, it automatically multiplies the value in the quantity field to the unit price value. It also has a subtotal field and tax percentage field. These fields will be calculated automatically and the result will appear in the total amount field. This form uses the Unique ID widget that automatically increments for every submission.

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Proforma Invoice Form

A Proforma Invoice is considered as a quotation of the goods that will be purchased by the client. Once the client confirms the invoice and agrees to proceed with the order, another invoice will be sent. This Proforma Invoice Form Template contains fields that are asking for the invoice details, item or purchased goods, billing information, who will receive the goods, payment information, and the shipping details. It also uses conditions that calculates the quantity to the unit price of each product in the purchased items table. Using the Form Calculation widget, the value of the Subtotal, Tax, and Shipping Fee fields will be added automatically to get the Total Amount. This form template is using the Unique ID widget to automatically generate the invoice number.

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Tattoo Consent Form

Using this amazing Tattoo Consent Form Template will definitely improve the process of getting consent from the client. No coding is required.

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Blogger Contact Form

A blogger contact form is an online form that users, businesses, or publications use to contact a blogger.

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Inventory Checklist Form

In every organization or company, it is necessary to record all the items stored in the inventory. You can use this Inventory Checklist Form Template to track and control the products in an organized manner.

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Office Supplies Inventory Form

In an office environment, it is important to manage the supply inventory systematically and efficiently in order to prevent the interruption of the workflow in the office. You can use this Office Supplies Inventory Form Template to manage your office supplies easily. This template uses a Configurable List widget that allows you to add an office supply dynamically. The column headers are the item number, item name, category, number of items on hand, quantity to be ordered, and the unit price. This form also has the information on who checked the inventory and the approver.

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Freelance Invoice Form

Landing your first job in the freelance world is challenging because of the competition. However, once you obtain those first few clients, it's very rewarding. You need an invoice to get paid as a freelancer. Use this Freelance Invoice Form Template that generates a PDF that you can send to your clients. This form template has a field that asks for the invoice date, due date, services rendered, payment details, and client information. The invoice number is automatically generated by the form for every submission via the Unique ID widget. This form template also uses calculations that multiplies the number of hours to the hourly rate. The Subtotal and Total Amount field is a Form Calculation Widget that executes simple to complex calculations.

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Online Medical Consent Form

This excellent Online Medical Consent Form has form fields that ask about the patient information, parent/guardian or emergency contact details, medical data, and the consent waiver. In order to fully acknowledge the consent, this template is using the E-signature widget where the patient can sign digitally.

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Marketing Brief Form Template

A Marketing Brief Form Template is a form template designed to streamline the planning and execution of marketing campaigns.

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Construction Work Order Form

In the construction business, you need an invoice to get paid. This well-designed Construction Work Order Form Template contains fields that are asking about the client information, details of the invoice, and payment information. This form template also generates an invoice number automatically with the help of the Unique ID widget. In order to capture the total amount due, this form template uses the Form Calculation widget. This form also has smart conditional logic that calculates the number of hours rendered to the rate per hour of each service that the company provided.

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Restaurant Food Order Form

Use this Restaurant Food Order Form Template if you are managing a restaurant. This will improve your service workflow because you just need to put the necessary details and the information will be sent to your records and generate a receipt. This Restaurant Food Order Form Template consists of fields that ask for the customer information, ordered items, date, time, and payment details. The ordered items table shows the food name, quantity, price, and amount. This form template uses the Unique ID widget that will generate a unique receipt number for each submission. This form template also uses the Form Calculation widget to obtain the total amount due by adding the Subtotal and the Tax.

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Job Proposal Form

A proposal is needed to gain more clients and increase your sales. If a potential lead needs help from something that your company can fix or build, then you should offer them a proposal. You can use this remarkable Job Proposal Form Template to create a job proposal quickly. This Job Proposal Form Template contains form fields that asks for the client information, job description, services offered, pricing summary, and the proposal validity date. In order to get the Total Amount Due, this form template is using conditional logic and the widget called Form Calculation.

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Dental Treatment Informed Consent Form

The Dental Clinic and the Dentist have the responsibility to educate the patient about the procedure he/she will undergo and thoroughly explain how the patient will benefit from it. This is the goal of the Dental Consent Form. This amazing General Dental Consent Form contains form fields that ask for patient information, details about the dental procedure, and acknowledgment waiver.

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Photo And Video Release Form

Coordinate with your client on how the materials will be used by using this Photo and Video Release Form. This template will help you create a release agreement quickly and accurately.

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Employment Verification Form For Apartment Rental

If you’re leasing an apartment, confirm applicants’ income online with this free employment verification form. Collect info and signatures in seconds!

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Self Assessment Survey

Assessing and measuring one's self is beneficial for both the institution and the individual. Use this Self Assessment Survey to collect necessary data that will help both the institution and the individual.

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Organ Donation Registration Form

Signing up in a donor registry can be a daunting task. Help the donors to become a registrant by using this simple Organ Donation Registration Form which is very easy to use.

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Photo Print Release Form Template

Give freedom to your clients by allowing them to print the capture photos using this Photo Print Release Form Template. This agreement provides permission to the client to print the materials.

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Cheer Camp Registration Form

Use this outstanding Cheer Camp Registration Form Template to attract more participants to your summer camp activities. You just need to share the link of your form to your potential campers so that they can fill it up online using a computer or a mobile device.

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Car Race Registration Form

Capture the information of your participants in an organized manner using this Car Race Registration Form. This wonderful form template will definitely impress your participants, sponsors, and visitors.

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