BV Report Form

BV Report Form

Basketball Victoria Report Form Template Form Preview
  • BV Report Form

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  • Tick appropriate charges.

    Tick "A" - for an offence against a person other than an official (player, coach, etc.)

    Tick "B" - for an offence against an official (referee, scorer, supervisor, etc.)

    Please read the Guide to the Report Form here for help on how to fill out the form and a clarification of each charge.

    Please speak with your Supervisor or Referee Advisor if you have any questions before submitting a report.

    (maximum weeks penalty for offences in brackets)

  • Charges Against A Non-Official

    Place an "X" in next to each relevant charge
  •   A - Against a non-official B - Against an official
    Assault (52*)(Life*)
    Attempt to Elbow (10*)(52*)
    Attempt to Kick (10*)(52*)
    Attempt to Strike (10*)(52*)
    Attempt to Trip (10*)(52*)
    Elbowing (20*)(Life*)
    Kicking (20*)(Life*)
    Obscene Gesture (10*)(20*)
    Offensive Language (10*)(20*)
    Putting in Fear (52*)(104*)
    Spitting (20*)(52*)
    Striking (52*)(Life*)
    Threatening (52*)(104*)
    Tripping (10*)(52*)
  •   Charges
    Avoidable Contact With Official (52*)
    Bringing Basketball into Disrepute (19*)
    Cause Damage (16*)
    Cause Injury (16*)
    Cheating (life*)
    Contempt (20*)
    Disputing Decisions (6*)
    Endanger with Blood, etc. (Life*)
    Fighting (20*)
    Gross Breach of Code (6*)
    Participate While Suspended (2-5*)
    Tunnelling (104*)
    Unsportsmanlike Behaviour (6*)
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