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Whether you’re hosting an esports tournament, developing the next big video game, or getting started in streaming, level up the way you collect data online with our free online Gaming Forms. Simply select one of the readymade templates below and customize it to best meet your each and every need — then embed it in your website or share it via social media, form link, or email invite to start accepting form submissions. You’ll receive responses instantly in Jotform Tables, ready to view, download, and organize as a collaborative spreadsheet-database.

From character creation to modding capabilities, any gamer knows that customization is key — which is why we’ve made it easy to customize our Gaming Forms however you want. Using our Form Builder, you only have to drag and drop to add form fields, change the form layout and design, and more. Power up your form even further with advanced widgets — including our Twitch widget, which lets you embed your live stream into your form — or with our 100+ app integrations. You can even connect your form with Discord to instantly send submissions right to your server. With our game-changing Gaming Forms in your item inventory, you’ll save time better spent doing what you love — playing, watching, or creating video games!

Discord Mod Application

A Discord Moderator Application Form is used by users to join a Discord server as an administrator and monitor chat activity on the server. Select the best moderator with Jotform!

Entertainment Forms

Discord Staff Application

A Discord staff application form is used by a Discord server to recruit potential new staff members.

Entertainment Forms

Twitch Mod Application

A Twitch Moderator Application Form is used by those who want to become moderators for the popular social media platform, Twitch.

Application Forms

Role Play Application Form

A role play application form is used by individuals looking to join a fivem community server. Use this form to create your own FiveM application.

Application Forms

Discord Role Application Form

A Discord role form is a questionnaire used to screen candidates for a role on a Discord server. Collect information with Jotform!

Entertainment Forms

Draw Form for Gamers

Manage gaming giveaways with a free entry form template. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Integrates with Twitch and Discord. Works on any device. No coding.

Contest Entry Forms

Twitch Unban Request Form

Manage Twitch unban requests. Free request form template. Easy to customize and embed. Connects to Twitch, Discord, and more. Get requests instantly. No coding.

Request Forms

Twitch Channel Ban Appeal Form

Get Twitch channel unban requests. Receive appeals instantly. Protect chat from spam. Free appeal form template. Easy to customize. Integrates with Discord.

Gaming Forms

Video Game Survey

Gather feedback and understand gamer preferences with Video Game Survey. Fully customizable with no coding required.

Gaming Forms

GANG Application Form

A GANG Application Form is used to recruit new members. No coding!

Gaming Forms

Twitch Giveaway Registration Form

Host a Twitch giveaway with our free registration form template. Get giveaway entries fast. Easy to customize, embed, and share with your channel. No coding.

Registration Forms

Game Early Access Registration Form

Allow early access for your upcoming game release. Free registration form for early access. Easy to customize and share. Connect to Twitch, Discord, and more.

Registration Forms

Digital Escape Room Template

A digital escape room is a puzzle game that players solve in a virtual environment. Build a digital escape game with Jotform!

Entertainment Forms

Twitch Team Application Form

Create the dream stream team for Twitch. Free application form template. Easy to customize and fill out. Integrates with Discord, Twitch, and more. No coding.

Application Forms

Twitch Survey

Free survey template for Twitch streamers. Get feedback fast! Easy to customize and share. Integrates with Twitch, Discord, and 100+ apps. No coding.

Gaming Forms

Minecraft Prelims 2

Minecraft prelims FIC Shivaji

Gaming Forms

CTG Withdraw Form

Axie Infinity Scholarship

Gaming Forms

Escape Room Evaluation Form

An escape room evaluation form is a questionnaire used by players to give feedback on an escape room experience.

Evaluation Forms

Caz Challenge TEST

draft "treasure hunt" form

Gaming Forms