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Meeting Room Reservation Form

Meeting Reservation Form is useful for a streamlined solution to shared meeting rooms by simply providing your name and ID, select a room and provide a brief information of meeting topic.

Booking Forms

Schedule A Zoom Meeting Form

Let coworkers or clients schedule Zoom meetings directly through your website. Add new registrants automatically. Automate your workflow today!

Appointment Forms

Meeting Feedback Form

Do you want to get a feedback about the meeting from your clients? This meeting feedback form will come in handy for you! This meeting feedback template allows gathering name, email, comment. Also, this conference feedback form allows additional questions like what did he/she benefit from this meeting. You can customize this feedback form template by adding new questions.

Event Feedback Forms

Group Meeting Log

Here is a simple group meeting log template that you can use to keep track of your group meetings. With this group meeting template, it is so easy to track who attend the meeting or who is absent, if the item is ongoing, finished or it is an upcoming task. Just use this meeting log template and change the member's name, add new fields if it is needed and your meeting log is done!

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Meeting Attendance Record Form

Keep track of meeting attendance online. Great for managers and HR reps. Easy to customize and fill out on any device. Connect with 100+ popular platforms.

Business Registration Forms

Meeting Report Template

A meeting report template is a document that is designed to collect the details of a meeting. Customize and fill out anywhere, anytime.

Report Forms


SDUSD Meeting minutes template

Education Forms

Matrimonial Meet Form

A Matrimonial Meet Form is a form template designed to collect personal information, preferences, availability, and event preferences from individuals interested in participating in a matrimonial meet event.

Registration Forms

General Meeting Voting Form

A General Meeting Voting Form is a form template designed to allow attendees to record their votes on each agenda item as they are discussed during a corporate meeting.

Business Forms

Online Meeting Evaluation Form

An online meeting evaluation form is an online feedback survey that collects opinions from participants, presenters, and organizers of a meeting. No coding is required!

Education Forms

Meeting Attendance Form

Meeting attendance form where the submitters provide their attendance status with their personal and contact details.

Education Forms

Team Meeting Application Form

A Team Meeting date selection and application form that simply gathers applicants name, ID, email address with their preferred date for the meeting.

Entertainment Forms

Meeting Plan Checklist

A meeting plan checklist is a document detailing the steps needed to prepare for a meeting. Just customize without coding!

Tracking Forms

Interdisciplinary Team Meeting Template

An interdisciplinary team meeting template is a group meeting consisting of members of different disciplines or professions in healthcare  

Healthcare Forms

IDG Meeting Template

The IDG Meeting Template by Jotform is a tool for hospice organizations looking to streamline their interdisciplinary group meetings.

Hospice Forms

Virtual City Hall Meeting Registration Form

Identify the number of participants who are interested in attending the meeting event by using this Virtual City Hall Meeting Registration Form. This form can easily be accessed using a desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Virtual Event Forms

Speed Meeting Booking Form

The Speed Meeting Booking Form is used to make an online reservation for a series of meetings.

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