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Restaurant Feedback Form

A restaurant feedback form is a form that is used in food service establishments such as restaurants, bars, and cafeterias to collect customers’ opinions about the food, service, and cleanliness.

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Service Quality Feedback Form

See your business or product through the eyes of your customers to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Service Feedback Forms

Employee Peer Review Template

An Employee Peer Review Template is a form template designed to facilitate the evaluation of coworkers' performance and behavior in the workplace.

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Food Evaluation Form

A food evaluation form is a questionnaire used by restaurants to understand customer satisfaction and collect feedback about food quality.

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Customer Complaint Form

A customer complaint form is a questionnaire that is used to gather details about a customer’s complaint against a certain situation.

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Customer Complaint Form Template

A customer complaint form is a questionnaire that is used to gather details about a customer’s complaint against a certain situation.

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Fitness Feedback Form

If you service a fitness, and if you want to get a feedback from your clients, this gym feedback form template provides to get a feedback. You can get comments from your clients by using this fitness feedback form template. You can customize this feedback form for gym. This client evaluation form will come in handy for your service.

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Travel Agency Feedback Form

Gather guest feedback online — for free! Customize and embed this survey without coding. Integrate with 130+ apps. Great for travel agencies, hotels, and more!

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Customer Service Feedback Form

A Customer Service Feedback Form is a form template designed to collect feedback and insights from customers about their experience with a company's customer service.

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Wedding Feedback Form

One of the most important things for the wedding is wedding organization. Every wedding is special so the organization must be special as well. If you work in this industry, you might need a wedding feedback form in order to evaluate the wedding owners' satisfaction. This wedding feedback form is made with detailed form questions and you can also use different questions too.

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Software Development Assessment

A software development assessment, or software assessment, is a procedure that assesses software to determine its fitness for purpose.

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Driver Feedback Form

A driver feedback form is a customer feedback survey form used to collect customers’ opinions on the quality of service provided by the driver of a transportation vehicle. No coding is required.

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Catering Service Customer Feedback Form

A catering service customer feedback form is a customer feedback survey that allows clients to review the services of a catering service. Whether you’re a catering service or restaurant manager, use this free form.

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Workplace Housekeeping Checklist

A workplace housekeeping checklist is a document that is used to keep track of recurring hygiene standards in the workplace

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Laundry Feedback Form

A laundry feedback form is a type of customer satisfaction questionnaire that allows customers to leave feedback on the quality of their laundry service. Use this free Laundry Feedback Form to boost the progress! No coding!

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Karaoke Contest Judging Form

A karaoke contest judging form is used by a karaoke contest coordinator to award the top scores for a karaoke contest. No matter how you like to do things, Jotform’s free karaoke contest judging form can keep up!

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Service Feedback Form

A nicely prepared service feedback form where your customers can provide their comments, feedback and rate your service.

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Extended Warranty Cancellation Form

A warranty cancellation form is a legal contract that officially ends a warranty.

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Community Service Survey

A community service survey is a questionnaire used by non-profit organizations to assess volunteerism and community engagement. No coding is required to customize this template!

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Tarot Reading Feedback Form

A tarot reading feedback form is a survey that clients use to provide feedback on their tarot card reading.

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General Quality Feedback Form

A dessert feedback form that provides you with your customers' feedback regarding the service, taste, and appearance of your products, allows you to find out how your customers found you out and allow you to distinguish the customers that would like to be contacted regarding promotions and offers.

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Bike Auto Services Questionnaire

A bike auto services questionnaire is a document used by bike mechanics to ask potential customers how their bikes can be fixed. No coding!

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Photo Video Feedback Form

A photo/video feedback form is an online feedback survey that allows clients to provide constructive criticism or offer suggestions on the photo/video services.

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Work Order Close Out Form

A work order close out form is used to document the completion of a contracted job and summarize the hours worked, materials used, and the total cost of the job.

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About Service Feedback Forms

Gather feedback to improve your services, better retain customers, and boost your profits! With Jotform’s free Service Feedback Forms, you can get feedback from customers or clients through a seamless online form that works great on any device. To get started, choose a free template below. Then customize it with Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder to perfectly match your needs, and share the form with a link or embed it in your site to start collecting responses.

Add your business logo, include extra questions, and personalize the design to match your branding in a few easy clicks with no coding required. All responses will be stored securely in your Jotform account, ready to view instantly in Jotform Tables as a spreadsheet or separate cards — you can even turn feedback into reports automatically with Jotform Report Builder! Ditch paper forms and speed up the way you collect feedback from customers with Jotform’s free Service Feedback Forms.