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Flight Reservation Form

Gather passenger information with an online Flight Reservation Form. Free to customize and embed in your website. Great for airlines or travel agencies.

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Vacation Itinerary Form

This Vacation Itinerary form is normally utilized by travel agencies or person who just wants to travel and would like to have a detailed itinerary form. This vacation itinerary form will be a great help for those who are planning for a trip or travel agencies looking for a standard template they can use when organizing a trip for their clients. The form will need information such as destination, duration of stay, arrival time, mode of transport and cost.

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Guest Registration Form

A guest registration form is used to collect information from hotel guests.

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Travel Agency Booking Form Template

A travel agency booking form is a service reservation form used by travel agencies to book hotels, flights, or cruise packages. It is a useful tool to improve your hotel or airline booking services. Take your services to the next level!

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Information Form

Collect travel requests online with a free Travel Information Form. Great for travel agencies. Easy to customize, embed, and share with your clients.

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Travel Registration Form

A Travel Registration Form is a form template designed to collect the registration and travel preferences of clients.

Registration Forms

Service Fee Agreement Template

This is for travel agents who charge fees (service fees or consultation fees) or for those who are exploring charging a fee. What it Does: The contract is not only legally binding, but it helps you be very clear about your fee structure so your clients don't get sticker shock when they book with you! It outlines what you charge for fees and when they need to pay it. Final Thoughts: This contract is thorough, and like other Jotform forms, you can modify the conditional logic to tailor it to the needs of your agency. See the whole article at

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Travel Registration Form Template

Are you travel experts or do you provide travel assistance? Use this travel registration form to plan and organize your clients trip. You can provide this travel tour registration form to your clients so they can easily register their trip ahead and fill out the required information about their travel preferences. This trip registration form template asks personal information and travel information such as cruise and hotel name, cabin types, hotel bedding and emergency contact number. Send this trip registration form to your clients now to start accepting travel registrations!

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Travel Quote Request Form

A travel quote request form is a document that allows customers to request a quote for a travel-related product or service, such as a cruise or a flight.

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Trip Details Confirmation Form

A trip details confirmation form is a travel confirmation form used by clients to receive a travel itinerary. Send a trip details confirmation form to clients with a single click and make the most of their trip with Jotform!

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Interest Survey

An online travel interest survey can be used by travel agents or travel agencies to gather information about the interests, experience, and past travel of a potential client. Stay ahead of the competition with Jotform!

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Travel Agent Credit Card Authorization Form

A Travel Agent Credit Card Authorization Form is a form template designed to authorize travel agents to charge their clients' credit cards for various travel-related expenses such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and more.

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Travel Request Form

A travel request form is a form used by businesses to collect info about a request a client is making.

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Travel Inquiry Form

A travel inquiry form is a questionnaire given to customers to enquire about travel details such as destination, dates, and prices.

Travel Booking Forms

Passenger Information Form

A Passenger Information Form is a form template designed to gather passengers' personal and contact information for travel agents and tour companies.

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Plan Form

A Travel Plan Form is a form template designed to streamline the process of collecting information for travel arrangements.

Travel Booking Forms

Disney World Planning And Booking Cheatsheet

Disney World Planning and Booking Cheatsheet is an agent-facing form to help agents keep track of their Disney World client details. Save time, and be more efficient with Jotform!

Travel Booking Forms

Tour Booking Form

A tour booking form enables customers to book tours and activities through a travel website. Whether you guide kayaking, hiking, or cycling tours through your website, streamline the booking process with our Tour Booking Form template — you can customize it and embed it in seconds!

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Tour Booking Form Chauffeur Prive

A tour booking form enables customers to book tours and activities through a travel website. Whether you guide kayaking, hiking, or cycling tours through your website, streamline the process with the Tour Booking Form template.

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Open House Guest Registration Form

Real estate agents can seamlessly collect open house requests with this free Open House Guest Registration Form. Embed on your website to collect leads fast.

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Vacation Review Form

A vacation review form is used by travel agents to give to clients post-travel to help process the highs and lows of their trip and share them with you.

Travel Booking Forms

About Travel Booking Forms

Travel booking forms, also known as travel reservation forms, are used by travel agencies to help book travel for clients. Whether your agency specializes in planning tours, cruises, family vacations, or business travel, our free Travel Booking Forms will speed up the reservation process by collecting important travel information online. Clients can provide details about the number of attendees, arrival and departure dates, and important travel demands all at once, eliminating the need for back-and-forth phone calls and emails. Each submission will be safely stored in a single, secure Jotform account, easily accessible by staff on any device.

Your travel agency makes sure to tailor to clients’ needs, so why not tailor your travel booking forms to your needs? Our easy-to-use Form Builder only needs you to drag and drop to make modifications to any Travel Booking Form below. You can change the form fields, template layout, background image, and even upload your logo for a professional look. Need to collect reservation fees? Just integrate your form with one of our payment gateways to process fees instantly — Jotform offers more than 30 processing apps, including Square and PayPal. You can even connect the form to other online accounts, such as your Google Drive or Slack workspace, to speed up your workflow. Start booking more clients online and improve your agency’s reservation process with our free Travel Booking Forms!