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Restaurant Order Form

The Restaurant Order Form allow customers order food through your website, and provides the ability to collect pickup and delivery orders, and get online payments.

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Restaurant Preorder Form Template

A restaurant preorder form is a great approach for restaurant owners in taking and handling orders from customers. Either as for takeout or dining in, customers and restaurant owners can have this as an advantage on eliminating waiting time period for taking orders. Thus, the restaurant becomes efficient resulting to more growth in sales, or for customers where they can utilize their time for something else. Use this sample form template for your own business and see your sales increase!

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Refund Request Form

Accept refund requests directly through your business’ website with a free online Refund Request Form. Customize and embed in seconds.

Request Forms

Employee Coaching Form

Give your employees the guidance they need with Jotform’s Employee Coaching Form. Take action steps, collect e-signatures, and securely store your forms online.

Human Resources Forms

Secret Santa Questionnaire

A Secret Santa Questionnaire is a questionnaire used to conduct Secret Santa gift exchanges. Whether you’re a Secret Santa participant or a gift exchange organizer, use this Secret Santa Questionnaire.

Questionnaire Templates

Restaurant Catering Order Form Template

Enhance your restaurant catering business by making it more efficient by receive orders online using this Restaurant Catering Order Form! By using this Restaurant Catering Order Form, you let your customers manage what they want that they believe will satisfy the cravings of their guests.

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Food Safety Checklist

A food safety checklist is used by health and safety inspectors or restaurant managers to monitor food safety in a food establishment. Free and fully customizable.

Safety Inspection Forms

Corrective Action Form

Corrective action form is to officially report and initiate a warning and/or punishment for a preventive action that is conducted by an employee and provides employee information and action details.

Employee Evaluation Forms

Payroll Deduction Form

A payroll deduction form is a document that contains a list of items that are to be deducted from a paycheque. It is useful for employees to keep track of what their paycheque is being reduced by. No coding!

Employee Information Forms

Material Return Form

A material return form is a document used by businesses to accept goods that have been damaged or are no longer needed in order to receive a refund or credit. No coding!

Report Forms

Sex Education Survey

A sex education survey is a questionnaire used by teachers, parents, health professionals, and counselors to obtain feedback from students on their sex education. No coding!

Survey Templates

Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation Form

Collect RSVPs online for your Thanksgiving potluck. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Can be filled out on any device. Customize with no coding required.

RSVP Forms

HR Investigation Form

An HR Investigation Form is used by Human Resources departments to collect data from employees involved in an event that could be considered discriminatory or illegal. No coding!

Human Resources Forms

Request for Home Repair Form

A request for home repair form is a form that is used to request services from a skilled professional for your house.

Request Forms

Seafood Order Form

Sell fish and seafood online with this free Seafood Order Form. Easy to customize and embed. Collect payments with 30+ gateways. No coding required.

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Bullying Survey

Learn about bullying at your school with an anonymous online Bullying Survey template. Easy to customize, share, and embed. Great for remote classrooms.

School Surveys

Workshop Attendance Form

Take attendance for your next workshop online. Free attendance form template for workshops. Easy to customize, embed, and fill out on any device. No coding.

Workshop Registration Form Templates

Distance Learning Agreement

Collect e-signatures with our free online Distance Learning Agreement form. Instantly convert to PDF documents. Easy to customize and share with students.

Education Forms

Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

A workplace safety inspection checklist is a document that is used to perform an assessment to find out the level of safety existing in a place of work.

Safety Inspection Forms

 Mental Health Journal Template

A mental health journal template is a document that can be used by patients to keep an online record of their mental health progress or daily experiences.

Health Tracking Forms

Electric Vehicle Owners Survey

A survey for electric vehicle owners is a customer feedback survey that allows EV drivers to review their experience with their vehicle. Customize this template without coding!

Survey Templates

Telehealth Patient Consent Form

Get informed consent from patients for your telehealth services. Easy to customize and embed. Collect digital signatures. Integrate with 100+ apps. No coding.

Medical Consent Forms

Warehouse Incident Report Form

A warehouse incident report is an official form that can be filled in by a warehouse employee after an accident or exceptional event like a fire in a warehouse.

Report Forms

Cyber Security Survey

A cyber security survey is a questionnaire used by businesses and organizations to gather information on how they can improve their cybersecurity.

Survey Templates