Web Development Signup Form

Web Development Signup Form

A thorough form for collecting information for web development. Form Preview
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  • Complete form below to sign up for our service.
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  • General Project Overview

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  • Website Development Plan - Part I: Objectives

  • Website Development Plan - Part 2: Your Market

  • Website Development Plan – Part 3: The needs of your target market

  • Website Development Plan – Part 4 – Plan Your Content

  • Obtain a high resolution digital image of your logo. We will accept all formats, although PSD, EPS, PDF, or Tiff are of the best quality. If it does not exist in digital format or is low resolution, please submit a print copy to be scanned or reproduced to our company's address:
    2400 Freeman Mill Rd Suite 101M
    Greensboro, NC 27406
    Selecting Photography – select images that are professional looking and best represent your products and services. All digital formats and prints are accepted for use in the website design process. Please do not hesitate to send less than preferable images as we can most likely clean them up.
  • Upload a File
  • Website Development Plan – Part 5: Navigation

  • Navigation is the most important design element of any website. To ensure visitor satisfaction and repeat traffic your site menu must be easy to use, streamlined, and logically organized. Upload a file with a list the pages by name and description that you would like to include in your website. This list will be used to create a site menu proposal.

  • Website Development Plan – Part 6: General Layout

  • The designs below are generic layouts provided to better understand your vision of how the site should look. These will be used as guidelines in the template design process, however, you are not limited to these layout samples. Choose the layouts you prefer by clicking corresponding check boxes and provide comments in the space provided. Vertical lines indicate column dividers. Horizontal lines indicate header and footer.

  • Marketing Your Website & SEO

  • An analysis of your competitor’s websites will be created with this information and assist in the design of your website. By researching both the positive and negative elements of your competitors web presence you can better insure the success of your business online.

  • These keywords will be used for meta-tag inclusion and should be specifically related to your organization, service, and products. It may be helpful to use the "file>view source" feature in your web browser to see the meta-tags used by your competitors that have successfully ranked in the top 20 of a keyword browser search.

  • Link Reciprocation
    1. Write a brief form letter that may be used to email prospective websites to request they add an image or text linking to your site.
    2. Make a list of all the websites that potentially will link to your site.
    3. Include in your site design an area that includes logo images and linking instructions that visitors can easily capture and add to their website.
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