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Volunteer Animal Rescue Application Form

This animal rescue volunteer application form can be used to accept applications from those who are willing to volunteer or work in the animal rescue group. Those who have affections for animals can easily join your group in just a matter of seconds by filling out this animal shelter volunteer application. Animal rescue forms basically ask questions like personal information, animal rescue experience, health condition, your willingness to volunteer and etc. If you are working on an animal welfare group or organization and are looking for volunteers, this animal shelter volunteer application template is designed for this purpose.

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Pet Rescue Adoption Application Form

Animal shelters and rescues can gather pet adoption applications online with this free Pet Rescue Adoption Application Form. Customize and embed in seconds!

Pet Adoption Application Form Templates

Emotional Support Animal Form

An emotional support animal form is a document that lets people who have a mental disability keep their pet dog or cat in their apartment or home. No coding!

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Dog Temperament Questionnaire Form

A dog temperament evaluation questionnaire that provides all necessary details regarding the dog's health, socialization, and behavior that can be used by animal shelters, owners or animal rescue organizations.

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Pet Medication Tracker Form

If you are a veterinarian and you are interested in making your work easier, you will make use of this pet medication chart form. The form will allow you to easily record and keep track of the medical history of your clients' pet.

Veterinary Service Forms

Dog Surrender Form

A dog surrender form is often used by animal shelters or rescue groups to secure the release of a dog or cat.

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Dog Bio Update Form

A dog bio update is a form designed to collect information on aspects of a specific dog and update details on dog behavior and personality for website listings.

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Pet Rescue Application Form

A detailed pet rescue application form that gathers all necessary information of the applicants.

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Cat Adoption Application

A cat adoption application form is used by animal shelters to collect information from potential adopters. Whether you’re adopting a cat or opening an animal shelter for homeless cats, use our free Cat Adoption Application Form to collect contact information for potential adopters!

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Blackjack Animal Rescue Online Application Form

A blackjack animal rescue online application form is used to collect basic information from potential adopters. Collect information online!

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Pet Rescue Volunteer Application Form

Register new volunteers for your animal rescue. Collect volunteer applications online for free. Easy to customize, embed, or integrate with your timesheets.

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Rescue Animal Adoption Application Form

A rescue animal adoption application is used by animal shelters to collect information about potential pet adopters.

Animal Shelter Forms

Veterinary Prescription Form

A veterinary prescription form is a legal document that contains an owner's instructions to a veterinarian to perform certain treatments on a pet. Customize this template without coding!

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Pet History Form Dog

This form will capture the required information for a boarding kennel or dog daycare facility

Animal Rescue Application Forms

Cat Owner Surrender Form

A Cat Owner Surrender Form is a form template designed to serve as a formal document used when individuals need to surrender ownership of their cat(s) to an animal shelter, rescue organization, veterinary clinic, or another relevant entity.

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Rescue Application Form

A Rescue Application Form is a form template designed to collect adopter's applications and initiate the adoption process.

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Dog Foster Application Form

Dog Adoption Application Form providing all necessary data of the applicants regarding their personal information, household details and physical conditions they are able to provide for their dog.

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Rehoming Form

A rehoming form is a questionnaire used by pet owners to place a pet in a new home.

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Doggie Meet & Greet Info Form

Basic information needed about your pet when scheduling a meet & greet appointment with a dog walker/pet sitter.

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About Animal Rescue Application Forms

Is your biggest pet peeve dealing with messy paperwork for your animal shelter? Send your paper applications to the doghouse — our efficient online Animal Rescue Applications will speed up the adoption process so you can get animals to loving homes faster! Whether your animal rescue specializes in one type of animal or saves all cuddly creatures, our Form Builder makes it easy to customize any of our application templates to perfectly match your needs. Take your pick of our litter of Animal Rescue Applications and add more form fields, a new background image, and your rescue’s logo to create an online application that matches your needs purr-fectly. Then embed it on your rescue’s website, or email a separate link to interested applicants. Either way, you’ll seamlessly collect and organize adoption applications online!

Jotform is no one-trick pony — if your animal rescue needs to do more than collect applicant information, check out our advanced form widgets and app integrations! Add a secure payment gateway to your form to process application fees. Or, connect your form to Google Drive or Dropbox to automatically send submissions to your accounts. Our online Animal Rescue Applications will help you get your ducks in a row, making it easier for your animal rescue to process adoption applications and find animals their furrever homes.