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PayPal Business Payment Form

Sell products or book services online with a PayPal Business Payment Form. Easy to customize and embed in your site. Collect payments with no extra transaction fees!

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BlueSnap Clothing Order Form

A BlueSnap Clothing Order Form is a user-friendly and customizable form template designed to enable efficient order processing and enhance the overall shopping experience for both the customer and the clothing business.

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Restaurant Order Form

The Restaurant Order Form allow customers order food through your website, and provides the ability to collect pickup and delivery orders, and get online payments.

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Product Purchase Order Form

This Product Purchase Order Form allows automated processing of purchase orders. It can be used by distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors to process orders directly from customers.

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Responsive Product Order Form

The Responsive Product Order Form which is presented with a responsive design uses the Square Payment System to process the orders and collects your customer's contact details, billing and shipping address.

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Online Donation Form

Are you searching for an online donation form template for your non-profit organization? If so, this is the simplest online donation form template that you can use without any code requirement and accept donations in the easiest way. You can even modify the online donation form template according to the needs of your organization, too!

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Payment Receipt

Keeping records of cash flow and financial documents can be a bit confusing if not handled properly. One of the most important document in managing your sales records is payment receipt. A payment receipt form is used by business owners, staff, accountants or any individuals that sells products or services to customers or clients. One example is a rental payment receipt form which are given to the customers or tenants as a proof of payment for their rent. This form aims to provide assistance in creating a standard and simple payment receipt that they can use when transacting payments with their customers, tenants or clients. The form will need information such as customer's name, date, payment amount, receipt number, reason for payment and name of the receiver.

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PayPal Payment Form

A PayPal payment form is used by online businesses to collect payment from customers for their purchases through a secure online checkout.

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Hotel Accommodation Form

This Hotel Receipt Form Template consists of fields that are asking for the customer information, receipt details, check in and check out, hotel services that were availed, total amount, and the payment method. The hotel service details show the room number, number of nights, price per night, and the amount. The Receipt Number field is the Unique ID widget. It automatically generates a unique value for every submission. The form also has multiple conditions that multiply the number of nights column to the price per night column.

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PayPal Purchase Order Form

Sell your products using this online form and get payments via PayPal. Basic and easy to use. Or create your own PayPal order form in a couple of minutes!

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Credit Card Authorization Form

A credit card authorization form is used by small business owners to sign up their customers for a credit card.

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Payment Form Template

A payment form template is a type of payment form that is used by online stores to authorize payments from the customers from the given credit card. No coding is required!

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Freelance Invoice Form

Landing your first job in the freelance world is challenging because of the competition. However, once you obtain those first few clients, it's very rewarding. You need an invoice to get paid as a freelancer. Use this Freelance Invoice Form Template that generates a PDF that you can send to your clients. This form template has a field that asks for the invoice date, due date, services rendered, payment details, and client information. The invoice number is automatically generated by the form for every submission via the Unique ID widget. This form template also uses calculations that multiplies the number of hours to the hourly rate. The Subtotal and Total Amount field is a Form Calculation Widget that executes simple to complex calculations.

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Online Taxi Booking Form

This simple and easy to use Taxi Booking Form template allows you to provide online taxi booking service to your customers through collecting their address, allows them to select the taxi fare and choose their trip.

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Sales Receipt Book Template

Managing records of financial transactions in an organization can be too much to process if not handled properly. This is why most companies use a sales receipt book to keep track of their transactions. A sales receipt book form is mostly used by business owners or accountants to keep track of the company’s day to day cash or payment transaction. This form aims to help business owners and accountants build a sales receipt book they can use in their business operations. To complete the form, it needs some information such as company name, company address and contact number, date, name of customer or client, amount, the reason for payment, receipt number, and name of the receiver.

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Grocery Order Form

Process grocery orders and payments online. Customize this free Grocery Order Form for your store. No coding required. Easy to share with delivery staff.

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Stripe Cookie Order Form

Sample stripe payment form for one time payments

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Multiple Products Order Form

The multiple products order form is a website form that allows a user to submit a request for a purchase or a service. Customize this template according to your needs without coding!

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Construction Work Order Form

In the construction business, you need an invoice to get paid. This well-designed Construction Work Order Form Template contains fields that are asking about the client information, details of the invoice, and payment information. This form template also generates an invoice number automatically with the help of the Unique ID widget. In order to capture the total amount due, this form template uses the Form Calculation widget. This form also has smart conditional logic that calculates the number of hours rendered to the rate per hour of each service that the company provided.

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Rental Payment Form

Collect and track rental payments online. Great for landlords! Easy to customize, share, and embed. Fill out on any device. Sync with 30+ payment processors.

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Simple Product Purchase Form

Are you looking for a purchasing form template for your business? If so you can use this product purchase form in order to collect simple product purchases easily. Just customize this online purchase form template according to your products and the information you would like to collect and start to gather purchases swiftly.

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Customer Bill Pay

A customer bill pay form is a template used by businesses to collect information from customers who pay their bills through their website. No coding!

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Product Pre Order Form

If you are running a shop or selling items online, your customers can order online, choose the shipping method of their choice along with their desired payment option through this simple Pre-Order Form.

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Square Charity Donation Form

A very good donation form template that can be used by any individuals and organizations that is looking to request or collect a donation.

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Square Registration Form

A Square Registration Form is a form template designed to streamline the registration process for healthcare providers

Square Event Registration Form Template