New Agency Information Form

New Agency Information Form

Used to collect information from agencies interested in accepted internship students. Form Preview
  • Texas State University Recreation Division

    Agency Information Form for New Fieldwork & Internship Sites

  • Supervisor Information

  • Minimum Hours Requirements

  • The Texas State University Recreation Division requires students to complete a minimum 200 hours for fieldworks, a minimum 400 hours for Recreation Administration internships, and a minimum 560 hours for Therapeutic Recreation internships. Students are required to work a minimum 20 hours and a maximum 45 hours per week. For Therapeutic Recreation certification, interns must be supervised by a full-time CTRS over a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks. If your agency cannot guarantee students the minimum required hours, please do not request/accept fieldwork or internship students.

  • If your agency requires more than the University minimum hours or weeks, please specify agency minimum(s).

  • The University allows students to complete fieldworks (200 hours) and Recreation Administration internships (400 hours) in the fall, spring, and summer semesters; students may only complete Therapeutic Recreation internships (560 hours) in the fall and spring semesters. Please select the semester(s) in which your agency will be willing to accept fieldwork and/or internship students.

  • Student Experiences Offered

  • Listed below are types of experiences appropriate to the different fieldwork and internship levels. Some experiences are common to all levels. Please select all experiences that your agency would be able to offer students at each level. 

  • To further indicate the types of experiences students will gain with your agency, please upload a job description for each fieldwork and internship position.

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  • Additional Information

  • Each agency is expected to communicate fully to students what requirements they must fulfill before beginning their field experience. Please select all requirements that your requires students to fulfill before being accepted to/beginning work with your fieldwork/internship program.

  • Please indicate the general work schedule that will be expected of students.

  • Please indicate whether you are interested in accepting fieldwork and/or internship students beyond the specific student you have accepted for the upcoming semester.

  • Please upload any additional informational or promotional documents, such as an internship packet, program schedule, or agency brochure.

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