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Employee Complaint Form

An employee complaint form is used to document a complaint from an employee against another employee, senior manager, or supervisor.

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Online Complaint Form

Are you searching around the web for complaint form template html codes in order to create an online for that is simple, effective and easy to fill out? Well, you can find all that qualities in this complaint form template. This complaint form template includes details of the complaint and the complainant. If this form template meets your expectation, then just use this complaint form template and even manage it as you wish.

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Customer Complaint Form

A customer complaint form is a questionnaire that is used to gather details about a customer’s complaint against a certain situation.

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Customer Complaint Form Template

A customer complaint form is a questionnaire that is used to gather details about a customer’s complaint against a certain situation.

Customer Service Forms

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

A sexual harassment complaint form is used by employees to report inappropriate behavior and incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. No coding is required!

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Anonymous Complaint Form

An anonymous complaint form is a tool for organizations and businesses to receive customer feedback without divulging the identity of the writer. Stay organized, protect your company, and receive information with a free Anonymous Complaint Form.

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Workplace Harassment Complaint Form 

A workplace harassment complaint form is used to document workplace harassment complaints. Your company’s logo, or adjust the design and layout of the form, use the Jotform Form Builder.

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Tenant Complaint Form

A tenant complaint form is an official document that is sent to a landlord or property manager when a tenant has a problem or concern.

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Employee Complaint Investigation Form

An Employee Complaint Investigation Form is a document that is used to identify potential employee misconduct or illegal activity in the workplace.

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Police Complaint Form

A Police Complaint Form is a form template designed to enable individuals to file written reports of incidents where they believe a crime has been committed.

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Homeowner Complaint Form

A HOA complaint form, also known as a homeowner association complaint form, is a document used to easily collect complaints from members of a homeowners association or HOA. Collect the complaints with Jotform!

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Employee Formal Complaint Form

An employee formal complaint form is used by an organization’s administration to document employees’ concerns, problems, or frustrations. No coding!

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Incident Complaint Form

Not satisfied with the service? Fill out the complaint form!

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Ethics Complaint Form

An ethics complaint form is a document that can be used to report unethical behavior or professional misconduct by a professional engaged in a particular field. Customize this form by adding your logo and branding design without coding!

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Nursing Home Complaint Form

In the health care industry, there are a lot of complaints from patients about the care they are receiving. It could be a complaint to the caregivers, nurses, physical therapists, physicians, or other staff members. The complaint can also be regarding the equipment, facilities, rules, and processes. You can use this well-designed Nursing Home Complaint Form Template to collect complaints from your customers. This form template has fields that ask for the nursing home, complainant, and resident information. This form template also uses the Long Text field where the complainant can write his/her full complaint to the nursing home.

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Hotel Complaint Form

An online hotel complaint form is used to track and manage complaints through a hotel’s website.

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Noise Complaint Form

A noise complaint form is a document used by municipal authorities to receive and process complaints about noise pollution.

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Divorce Complaint Form

A divorce complaint form is used in the legal profession to document the reasons for wanting a divorce. Use this template without coding!

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Quality Control Complaint Form

A quality control complaint form is a document that reports a problem with a product or service. Boost your quality control with Jotform.


Restaurant Complaint Form

A Restaurant Complaint Form is a form template designed to gather detailed information about a customer's complaint at a restaurant.

Complaint Forms

Vendor Complaint Form

A vendor complaint form is a form used to collect feedback on services or products provided by vendors.

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Barking Dog Complaint Form

A barking dog complaint form is a document used by local government officials in order to address dog barking complaints from members of the public.

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Maintenance Complaint Form

A Maintenance Complaint Form is a form template designed to streamline the reporting process for property management, facility management, or maintenance teams within an organization.

Complaint Forms

About Complaint Forms

Whether you work in a business, nonprofit, or volunteer organization, there may be cases when an individual needs to file a complaint. With free Complaint Form templates from Jotform, you can streamline your complaint collection process and determine the proper course of action for each case. Simply choose a Complaint Form template below to securely collect personal details, incident descriptions, background info, and any other additional commentary relevant to the complaint.

With our intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, you can customize form fields, change fonts and colors, or add your organization’s logo to make your forms professional. Plus, integrate with 100+ of your favorite apps — like Google Drive or Dropbox — to store your complaint forms for future reference. Your respondents can access the forms on any device, and all complaints will be automatically forwarded to your Jotform Inbox. Both your employees and your HR department will thank you for using online Complaint Form templates!