Travel Feedback Forms

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Hotel Feedback Form

Gather feedback from your guests on any device. Free online feedback form template. Easy to customize. No coding needed. Analyze results to improve your services.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Forms

Travel Satisfaction Survey

An online travel satisfaction survey is a questionnaire used to evaluate the experiences of travelers.

Travel Feedback Forms

Tour Feedback Form

Let the customer provide valuable information about their experiences during the tour by letting them fill out this Tour Feedback Form. This form template can be accessed on any device including tablets and mobile phones.

Travel Feedback Forms

Disney World Planning And Booking Cheatsheet

Disney World Planning and Booking Cheatsheet is an agent-facing form to help agents keep track of their Disney World client details. Save time, and be more efficient with Jotform!

Travel Booking Forms

Travel Agency Feedback Form

Gather guest feedback online — for free! Customize and embed this survey without coding. Integrate with 130+ apps. Great for travel agencies, hotels, and more!

Customer Service Forms

Travel Feedback Form

The Travel Feedback Form is a very simple and useful form that travel agency customers fill out and it collects travel agency and travel-related feedback. No code required!

Feedback Forms

Participant Feedback Form

Planning a trip? This form allows you to leave your feedback afterwards. Ideal for tourists and adventurers that want to live their trace behind.

Travel Feedback Forms

Trip Evaluation Form

A trip evaluation form is a record of the services and dates for a trip, which is used to track project organizations. If you’re an event planner, the Trip Evaluation Form makes it easy to keep track of client feedback for your trips.

Evaluation Forms

Tourist Feedback Form

The Tourist Feedback Form is a very basic and useful form to measure how satisfied tourists are with their travel experience. No code required!

Feedback Forms

Client Trip Feedback Form

A Client Trip Feedback Form is a customer feedback form that is used by travel agents to collect information on customers' recent trips.

Feedback Forms

Camp Volunteer Feedback Form

A camp volunteer feedback form is a questionnaire used by staff at camps to collect information from volunteers about their experience working at the organization.

Travel Feedback Forms

Business Travel Survey

A Business Travel Survey is a form template designed to gather valuable feedback from employees regarding their experiences with company-related travel.

Survey Templates

About Travel Feedback Forms

The success of tourism largely depends on tourists willing to give feedback about their stay and experience. Whether you work in a travel agency, manage a camp or resort, or work with tourists regularly, our free Travel Feedback Forms will help you gather the feedback you need from clients to improve your program. Simply select the template that closely matches your needs and customize it using our Form Builder in just a few clicks. When you’re done, send it directly to customers via email, or share it on your website to collect anonymous feedback.

Make your Travel Feedback Form stand out by customizing it to fully match your branding with our Form Builder. No coding necessary — just drag and drop to add questions and rating scales, update form fields, upload images, change fonts and colors, and more. Jotform also offers integrations with 100+ platforms, so you can store feedback directly into your cloud storage account, CRM, spreadsheets, and more! You’ll also be able to view submissions in Jotform Tables, easy to access and share from any device. Find out how you need to improve with custom Travel Feedback Forms for your travel agency or program.