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Student Technology Usage Survey

A student technology usage survey is a questionnaire used by teachers to discover a student’s access to and familiarity with technology.

Survey Templates

Facility Pass Requests Form

Allow the lead guest to reserve a facility and provide passes to their members by having him or her complete this Facility Pass Requests Form. This form template can be embedded on any webpage using the embed script code or iFrame code.

Request Forms

COVID-19 Awareness Course Application Form

Educate everyone and encourage them to attend this course by letting them complete this COVID-19 Awareness Course Application Form. This template can be inserted on any webpage or can be accessed via the direct link.

Coronavirus Response Forms

Sperm Donor Questionnaire

A sperm donor questionnaire is a list of questions used to screen potential sperm donors.

Healthcare Forms

Management Performance Survey

A management performance survey is a questionnaire used by employers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the management within a company. No coding is required!

Business Forms

Clubhouse Speaker Request Form

A clubhouse speaker request form is used by schools or organizations that hold seminars or workshops to request special guests or speakers.

Business Forms

Common Request Form

A common request form is used to submit requests for services to a department or a business. Make the most of your time with a free Common Request Form from Jotform.

Request Forms

Retail Survey

Collect survey responses from customers on any device. Great for retail store owners or managers. Save time with a free survey template. Customize with no coding.

Customer Service Forms

Post-Vaccination Questionnaire

Identify the common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines by conducting a survey of each patient with the help of this Post-Vaccination Questionnaire. This form can be embedded on any webpage with the help of our different publishing methods.

Healthcare Forms

Tele Town Hall Enrollment Form

Allow the interested individuals to enroll for the Tele Town Hall event by having them complete this Tele Town Hall Enrollment Form. This form template can be customized easily and be opened on any mobile device.

Virtual Event Forms

Academic Honesty Form

Train your students to demonstrate the act of honesty and integrity in their academic work. Use this Academic Honesty Form template to your Jotform account.

Consent Forms

In Person Campus Visit Registration Form

Give permission to interested students who wish to visit the campus in order to verify if it is the right fit by having them fill out this In Person Campus Visit Registration Form. This form can easily be inserted on any webpage by using one of our publishing methods.

Registration Forms

Virtual Summer Camp Project Registration Form

Use this Virtual Summer Project Registration Form to gather more information about the users who will participate in this virtual project event. This form can be opened via the direct link or be embedded on any website.

Summer Camps

Social Communication Questionnaire

A Social Communication Questionnaire is a survey that collects information about a person’s social communication skills, violent behavior, and social isolation.

Healthcare Forms

Bond Application Form

A bond application form is a consent form used by law enforcement to collect personal information about potential suspects.

Business Forms

Vehicle Verification Form

A vehicle verification form is used by an individual or business to verify that a vehicle is in good working condition. Easily embed this form either on your website or share it via URL. All can be achieved without coding!

Business Forms

Daily Consumption Report Form

A daily consumption report form is a report template used by businesses to track daily reports.

Report Forms

Virtual City Hall Meeting Registration Form

Identify the number of participants who are interested in attending the meeting event by using this Virtual City Hall Meeting Registration Form. This form can easily be accessed using a desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Virtual Event Forms

Summer Camp Return Transportation Signup Form

Provide transportation to the campers by having them fill out this Summer Camp Return Transportation Signup Form. This form template can be opened via the standard direct link or embed it on any webpage.

Summer Camps

MAR Form

A MAR (Medical Administration Record) Form is used to document medications administered to patients in a medical facility.

Health Tracking Forms

Town Hall Attendance Check Form

Verify the number of attendees by confirming if they are sure to attend or not with the help of this Town Hall Attendance Check Form. This form template can be shared via the direct link or by embedding it into your webpage.

Virtual Event Forms

Clubhouse Event Application Form

Get virtual event applications for Clubhouse with JotForm. Free application form template. Easy to customize and embed. Works on any device. No coding.

Application Forms

Medical Prior Authorization Form

A medical prior authorization request form is a form used by patients over the phone or in a doctor’s office to request approval for certain medical procedures.

Request Forms

Return Shipment Form

A Return Shipment Form is used by shippers to fill out details of a returned shipment and notify the recipient of the shipment details. No coding!

Asset Tracking Forms