Form Templates by stephanieconnor

Scheduling Poll

Scheduling polls are used by property managers and planners to collect feedback about availability.


Worker Timesheet And Tracking Form

A worker timesheet and tracking tool is used by businesses to track what time remote employees clock in and out, how long their lunch break was, and to calculate total hours worked.

Tracking Forms

Friendship Survey

Use this friendship survey template to learn more about your students’ social skills.

Relationship Surveys

Podcast Guest Release Form

A Podcast Guest Release Form is a form template designed to secure permission to publish content created by a guest on a podcast.

Informed Consent Forms

Police Report Form

A police report form is used by law enforcement officials to collect information about a crime.

Report Forms

Virtual Class Attendance Form

Check the daily attendance in a virtual, distance, or online learning by using this Virtual Class Attendance Form. This form template is simple, dynamic, and easy to use.

Tracking Forms

Vehicle Booking Form

An online vehicle booking form is used to track bookings and manage reservations through a vehicle’s website.

Booking Forms

Employee Payroll Change Form

An employee payroll change form is a document, often used by human resources personnel, which details a change made to an employee's pay rate. No coding!

Employee Information Forms

Stakeholder Survey

Identify the areas of improvement of your organization by collecting feedback from your stakeholders by using this Stakeholder Survey. This survey template contains all the necessary questions in order to get valuable data.

Survey Templates

Enrollment Agreement Form

Make sure the parents and the students are aware of the school's policy, rules, and goals by having them read and sign this Enrollment Agreement Form. This form template can be embedded on any webpage using the embed or iFrame method.


Hospice Nursing Assessment Form

Determine the type of care needed by the patient by using this Hospice Nursing Assessment Form. This form will help the nurse analyze and classify the patient's current health condition.

Hospice Forms

Remote Work Readiness Assessment

Determine whether employees are capable of working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Easy to customize. Sync with 80+ apps. No coding required.

Human Resources Surveys

Yoga Informed Consent Form

Secure a consent from the participants by having them sign this Yoga Informed Consent Form. This form template indicates that the participant understands the possibilities of this type of activity.

Informed Consent Forms

Police Application Form

A police application form is a document used by police departments to collect information from candidates applying to be officers. No coding is necessary to customize this free template.

Job Application Forms

Transfer Of Dog Ownership Form

A transfer of dog ownership form is a document used to transfer a dog's ownership to a new individual. Replace paper forms and streamline the transfer of dog ownership with a free online Transfer of Dog Ownership Form.

Pet Adoption Application Form Templates

Family Medical History Form

A family medical history form is used by doctors to get a patient’s family history of diseases and other health problems.

Healthcare Forms

Fitness Questionnaire

A fitness survey is a questionnaire used by exercise instructors and health professionals to collect information about a patient’s exercise habits and nutrition.

Questionnaire Templates

Teacher Progress Report Template

A Teacher Progress Report Template is used by teachers to report on their students’ progress throughout the school year. No coding is necessary in order to customize this template!

Teacher Feedback Forms

Presenter Feedback Survey

A presenter feedback survey is a feedback survey that is completed by clients after a seminar or presentation. Customize without coding!

Survey Templates

Flower Shop Order Form

A flower shop order form is used to collect the details of flower delivery or pick-up in a flower shop. No coding required in order to customize this template!

Florist Order Forms

Weekly Lunch Order Form

A weekly lunch order form is used by businesses to collect lunch orders from their staff.

Food & Beverage Order Forms

Online Learning Parental Consent Form

Get the consent for online learning from the parents of your students with this Online Learning Parental Consent Form Template. Just copy this template to your Jotform account and use the form right away!

Informed Consent Forms

Service Repair Warranty Request Form

A service/repair/warranty request form is used by customers to communicate with repair, maintenance, or technical support teams to book time for repairs or appointments.

Request Forms

Rent Certificate Form

A rent certificate form is a document used to acknowledge that a landlord or property owner has received rent for a given period of time. No coding!

Rental Application Form Templates