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A rental application, or a tenant application form, is used by landlords to assess a potential tenant’s background history before giving them the lease for a property. If you’re a realtor or landlord, our free Rental Application Forms will make it easier to collect and organize incoming rental applications for your properties. Simply choose one of our free rental application form templates, customize it to match your needs, and publish it on your real estate agency’s website. Interested applicants can then provide their contact information, employment and leasing history, and references online. With submissions stored safely in your Jotform account, you’ll never again have to spend valuable time sorting through messy paper applications.

Your properties are unique, so why not make your rental applications unique too? Using our drag-and-drop Form Builder, you can easily add form fields for more information or signatures, change the fonts and colors, and even upload your agency’s logo. If you need to collect application fees, integrate your form with a secure payment gateway to seamlessly accept online payments. You can also integrate with other apps to send application submissions to other accounts, such as your Airtable spreadsheet, your Google Drive or Dropbox storage, or your Slack workspace. Our Rental Application Forms aim to streamline your rental application process, save your agency time and paper, and find your new tenants faster!

Rental Application

This is a very detailed Rental Form to see if you qualify to Rent a House or other type of Real Estate.

Application Forms

Car Rental Form

The Car Rental checklist form gathers pick-up location, pick-up date, car type information, allows getting additional requests and provides the necessary contact information.

Rental Application Form Templates

Residential Rental Application Form

Receive an application from an interested individual to become a tenant of a rental property by using this Residential Rental Application Form. This form can be embedded on any webpage using the publishing methods.

Rental Application Form Templates

Online Rental Application Form

An online rental application form is a rental application that allows apartment or housing owners to manage prospective tenants' information. Fully customizable.

Tenant Application Forms

Employment Verification Form For Apartment Rental

If you’re leasing an apartment, confirm applicants’ income online with this free employment verification form. Collect info and signatures in seconds!

Rental Application Form Templates

House Rental Application Form

Collect house rental applications online with a free Rental Application Form. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Sync responses to 100+ apps.

Rental Application Form Templates

Rental Application W/Background Information

Rental application form used to gather all the necessary background information in order to apply easily to and get approve for your rental application.

Application Forms

Car Rental Request

Car Request Form gathers date/time information, preferred car type, pick-up details, car delivery details, babysit, booster, GPS features, further comments and contact information thus allows your customers to easily rent a car.

Rental Application Form Templates

Room Rental Application Form

A room rental application form is used by landlords to collect information from potential tenants who want to rent a room. Make this template your own by customizing now!

Rental Application Form Templates

Short Term Rental Agreement

A short term rental agreement is a legal contract used by property managers to outline the terms and conditions of the property being rented. No coding.

Informed Consent Forms

Bounce House Rental Agreement Form

Bounce house rental agreements are legally binding contracts that outline the terms of service between an inflatable rental company and a property owner. No coding!

Rental Application Form Templates

Renter Application Form

Gather all the information needed to find the right renter for your property.

Application Forms

Online Lease Application

A useful form that can be used as an application form to be filled out by your prospect tenants. It has basic personal information section, preferred floor plan and move-in date, employment information, landlord's details and terms and condition sections with signature field that will serve as your contract.

Application Forms

Rental Reference Request

A rental reference request form is used by property managers to collect references for potential tenants in an apartment or other rental community.

Real Estate Feedback Forms

California Rental Lease Agreement Form

A California rental lease agreement form is used by landlords to form a legally enforceable contract with a tenant for use of the property.

Real Estate Forms

Renter Questionnaire

A renter questionnaire is a form used by landlords to collect information from prospective tenants.

Rental Application Form Templates

Car Rental Reservation Form

A car rental reservation form lets customers book a rental car online, directly through a car rental agency’s website.

Rental Application Form Templates

Farm Land Lease Form

This Farm Land Lease Form Template allows collection of information exactly for the purpose of creating a farm lease agreement between the land owner and the tenant. For land owners, there exist in the form to set the size of the land that is allowed for lease. This may allow the land owner to lease his property to different tenants at the same time with certain divisions.

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Tenant Reference Verification

A Tenant Reference Verification Form composed of questions regarding their experience with the tenant.

Tenant Application Forms

Car Rental Application Form

A basic car rental application form template that provides you with the pick-up and drop-off location, date and time, further requests of your customer regarding the vehicle and service with their contact details.

Rental Application Form Templates

Venue Options Form

A Venue Options Form to be used for ideas on where to hold an event, choose the venue type, provide costs and payment information, select indoor and outdoor amenities and get the contact information of the Venue.

Event Booking Forms

Rental Application Interest Form

Allow interested tenants to apply to a rental property by having them complete this Rental Application Interest Form. This form can be opened on any device that has browser functionality on it.

Rental Application Form Templates