Complete Party Survey

Complete Party Survey

Needed a form that has personal information, feedback, future offer opportunities, and fundraising content? This form suits all your needs for a complete party survey. Form Preview
  • Angela Manlove's Usborne Books & More Party Survey

  • Thank you for attending a FaceBOOK Party with me! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Please complete this form so I can continue to serve as your Book Lady.


  • Let's Stay in Touch!

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  • Party Feedback

  • Future Shopping Opportunities

  • I will be planning events in the future to spotlight new releases, offer opportunities to shop for gifts and celebrate throughout the year. Please tell me if any of these interest you. By selecting an option (or more) below, you are providing your consent for me to contact you about these parties.

  • Fundraising Opportunities

  • Usborne Books & More offers MANY outreach opportunities:

    1. Book Drives : Raising funds to earn books for a non-profit organization, a family in need, or a daycare.
    2. Book Fairs : Help your child's daycare library grow by introducing parents and teachers to the books. Allow families to purchase books for their own homes, while earning FREE books for the daycare.
    3. Fundraisers : Does your child's daycare need funds for new playground equipment or is someone you know adopting and raising money for all of the fees? Is your child going on a mission trip? If you need help raising funds, Usborne Books & More can help you do it.

    Thank you so much for your time and for helping me make the partying experience fun and exciting for you and all future party-goers. I appreciate your participation and look forward to sharing more books with you in the future!
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