Coaching Questionnaire - AmandaV

Coaching Questionnaire - AmandaV

Questionnaire form, that will help you to know your clients and find the best coaching orientation for them. Form Preview

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  • As your coach it is important for me to understand how you view the world in general

    and yourself in particular.

    Every person has their own unique and personal way of interacting with their surroundings.

    These questions will hopefully provide a means for me to understand you and your

    current position more closely and thus enable me to coach you to bring out your best.

    Please take some time to answer these questions as thoughtfully and clearly as

    possible. These questions are designed to be “mulled over” and to stimulate your

    thinking on items that may in the past been automatic in the past.

    If you have any queries please let me know and we can discuss them.

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  • Thank you!

    Amanda Vinci

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